Four fashion items that you should donate to a thrift store


One of the biggest fashion trends for 2022 is sustainability. More and more consumers are changing the way they shop to reduce carbon emissions and save the planet. People are learning about how thrifting is helping the environment by giving people access to secondhand clothes and reducing textile waste. 

ThredUP reports that buying used instead of new clothing displaces 17.4 pounds of CO2 emissions. Make more used clothes available by donating your old clothes to a donation drop off Omaha NE location. Here are a few fashion items that you should be actively donating to save the planet. 

Fashion items to donate to a thrift store

Jeans and denim items 

The jeans that you wear to hang out with your friends or attend your kids’ sporting events impact the environment. The production of jeans affects waterways and soil. First off, a single pair of jeans uses up to eight gallons of water to produce. That is the same amount of water that an average U.S. household uses in a day. 

Secondly, the dying process of denim causes water pollution. The dyes used during the production can make their way into waterways, polluting water sources. So, before you think about tossing your jeans out, consider donating them to a thrift store where they can get reused and decrease the demand for new jeans. 


Just like clothing, handbags trends change with the seasons. One season tote style bags are in, and the next micro purses are the latest. So if you try to keep up with the latest styles, you might end up tossing most of them out after each season. 

Instead of tossing your handbags after their use, consider donating them. ThredUP reports that handbags are one of the most carbon-intensive items to produce new. By donating your handbags, you are helping reduce the demand for new bags and carbon emissions into the atmosphere. 


It seems that people have different shoes for each occasion. You have your shoes for work, the gym or a night. Once people grow tired of these shoes, they toss them out. However, people should reconsider throwing shoes in the trash because they can sit up to 40 years in landfills until they decompose

The solution is donating your unwanted or unworn shoes to a donation drop off Omaha NE bin. This option gives shoes a second chance at being used. Plus, it helps reduce the production of new shoes. The footwear industry is responsible for 1.4 percent of the global GHG emissions

Jackets and coats 

The midwest weather is unpredictable, so you always need to have a jacket or coat handy in your closet. However, many people tend to toss out their jackets or coats after only several uses because they are no longer in style. If you are guilty of doing this, it is time to rethink it. 

Manufacturers use an invisible coating of poly and perfluoroalkyl substances to make a coat or jacket waterproof. These chemicals are dangerous if they get into the environment because they can cause liver, immune system damage or some types of cancers.

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