Five spring fashion trends for 2022

Is it that time of year when you start cleaning out your closet to make room for spring clothes? Four fashion items that you should donate to a thrift store instead of tossing out are jeans, handbags, shoes and jackets. Now that you have more room in your closet, it is time to shop for the spring fashion trends for 2022

To make your shopping process easier, we have researched for you. Our team has scrolled through countless TikToks and read many fashion articles to find the next trends. Here are some fashion trends you need for this spring, and that can be found at thrift shops in Omaha, Neb., Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Independence, Mo. 

Spring fashion trends for 2022

Mini skirts 

One of the highly anticipated fashion trends for 2022 is mini skirts. Many fashion TikTokers are already wearing this fashion trend. The revival of the mini skirt was first seen with high fashion designers, like Prada and Miu Miu, who have brought it to their spring 2022 collections. You can get ahead of this trend by checking out the skirt section at your favorite thrift store. 

Bold greens 

The “it” colors for spring are bold greens. You can expect to see shades of Kelly green and emerald dominate the fashion scene. Many high fashion designers like Bottega Veneta and Molly Goddard have used this bold shade of green. You can start incorporating Kelly green and emerald by shopping for single pieces in this color, like dresses, shirts and handbags.

Baggy and flared jeans 

As expected, skinny jeans are taking a break this season. For spring 2022, you can expect to see more baggy and flared-style jeans. Switch out your skinny jeans for more 90s-inspired baggy jeans in lighter washes. Or you can opt for flared-style jeans to give your wardrobe a more chic and sophisticated look. The great thing about this trend is that you can find these denim silhouettes at thrift stores. 

Y2K core 

At the forefront of spring fashion trends for 2022 is Y2K fashion. Y2K is short for the year 2000. This fashion trend is all about bringing back the early 2000s style. The fashion around this time included mini skirts, halter tops, hair clips and small handbags. The revival of Y2K fashion is thanks to Gen Z and their nostalgia for this era. 

Secondhand clothing

Sustainable fashion is not going anywhere anytime soon. The popularity of secondhand clothing continues to rise with the growing concerns of climate change. ThredUP reports that 76 percent of first-time secondhand shoppers expect to increase their spending on secondhand clothing in the next five years. Thanks to the growing demand for secondhand clothing, there are many ways to shop. You can visit thrift shops in Omaha, shop online thrift stores or download resale apps like Depop or Poshmark

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