A guide to thrifting for designer handbags

You can never have too many purses! They come in all sizes, colors and styles to complete your outfit and help you carry everything. Although they are an essential part of some people’s wardrobe, they can be a tad pricey - especially those designer bags. 

If you love the designer look but not the price, head to thrift stores Omaha NE locations. Our team is here to share why thrifting designer bags are beneficial for your wallet and environment. 


Buying handbags second hand not only saves you money but also the environment. Whether you decide to purchase a brand new genuine leather or nylon purse, it affects the environment. The fashion industry is considered to be the second-largest polluter, only being surpassed by the oil industry. 

To make one genuine leather bag requires cattle. These animals are raised in mass ranches that take many natural resources - like water and land. Many trees are cleared to make room for pastures. Removing trees leaves many other animals without natural habitats.

One of the trending bags right now is bags made out of nylon. Although they are very cute and trendy, these bags have negative impacts on the environment. First off, nylon is a non-biodegradable material - this means that if these bags are tossed, they can remain in landfills forever. 

Secondly, nylon releases microplastics into the oceans when they are washed. Once in the sea, tiny aquatic creatures may ingest them. This can lead to microplastics making their way through the food chain and reaching us humans. 

By thrifting designer bags, you are helping reduce the demand for new products and reducing pollution into the environment. 


Check current trends

The good thing about trends is that they always make a return. Thrift stores have handbags from all decades and styles. Not sure what is trending? Draw inspiration from social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest

Know the classics

If you are not looking for trendy pieces, look for purses with classic designs. These kinds of handbags will always be in style, no matter the trend. How do you know which purses are classic? Look at the design of iconic designer bags that are always in style. Some of the most popular handbags of all time are: 

  • Louis Vuitton Speedy 
  • Chanel 2.55 
  • Hermes Birkin
  • Celine Luggage 
  • Lady Dior 
  • Balenciaga City

Search for high-quality materials

When thrifting for handbags, be sure to look at the material of it. If you want a handbag that will look good for years, look for one made out of genuine leather. To find bags made out of leather, check the tags and know the look of leather. Genuine leather handbags will have slightly uneven stitching. Fake leather will have seamless stitching. 

Inspect the handbag

If you find a bag that you love at a thrift store, inspect it for damage. You want to check to see if it has any scratches, marks, broken pieces or missing parts. You can then decide if the bag is worth the purchase. 


At Thrift World, we sell a variety of handbags in stores and online. Our inventory includes one-of-a-kind vintage and designer handbags. Be sure to visit one of our stores or shop online. 

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