Updated: Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can thrift

Although Valentine’s Day comes around every year, many people still leave the shopping until the last minute. This can leave people scrabbling and stressing about finding the perfect gift. 

If you feel like you hit a wall, visit Omaha, Council Bluffs or Independence thrift stores. You can find unique Valentine’s Day gifts at an affordable price at these stores. Our team wants to share the story behind Valentine’s Day and some gift ideas to spark your creativity. 

The history behind Valentine’s Day

Who was Valentine? Nobody really knows. It is believed that the name “Valentine” originated from two men who were executed on February 14 but in different years by Emperor Claudius II. The Catholic church named February 14 as St. Valentine’s Day to honor these two men who were martyrs. 

The first story is believed to be about Saint Valentine of Terni, a Roman priest who married couples but specifically Roman soldiers against the emperor’s wishes. Emperor Claudius II forbade his soldiers to get married, so he could keep them fierce and free of family obligations. 

The second story goes that Valentine was ordered to be executed. While he was imprisoned, he fell in love with a girl he tutored. Valentine would write her letters and sign his letters as, “From your Valentine.” This phrase eventually grew into popularity. 

The Valentine’s Day celebration we know today is believed to have stemmed from Chaucer. He linked St. Valentine for the first time in his work “The Parlement of Foules” and “The Complaint of Mars.” After that, people began exchanging love letters to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

Unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas from a thrift store


A piece of jewelry makes an excellent gift for both men and women. Standard jewelry pieces gifted during Valentine’s Day include rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches. You can stay within your budget and get a high-quality piece of jewelry at a thrift store. 


Handbags make life a little easier. There are tons of different styles and colors to choose from. If you have a significant other who likes bags, consider thrifting one. Thrifting for designer handbags can help you find a unique Valentine’s Day gift without paying the retail price and help you save the environment. 

Sports gear

For many people, sports are a way of life. If you have a significant other who eats and breathes sports, you cannot go wrong with some collectible sports gear. Thrift stores have tons of sports gear that you cannot find anywhere else. They have sweaters, jackets, shirts, jerseys and hoodies. Also, some thrift stores even have collectibles like autographed balls, cards or pictures. 

Vinyl records

If music is an integral part of your loved one's life, consider giving them a vinyl record. These gifts are great because they can be treasured. Rare and exclusive vinyl is worth lots of money. You can find these kinds of rare vinyl records at a secondhand store. When thrifting vinyl, be sure to look out for scuffs, dust or scratches

Framed photo

Another easy but meaningful gift is a framed picture. This gift is easy to make. All you need to do is buy a picture frame and print out your favorite photo. You can make the gift even more unique by thrifting a picture frame. You can find a frame that you like and then spray paint it to the color of your choice. 

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