Fashion trends you should know about for 2022

The start of a new year has people questioning what to do with their Christmas decorations and rethinking their wardrobes. If you want to upgrade your wardrobe this year, consider shopping for the latest trends.

Instead of scrolling through countless hours of TikTok looking for the next fashion trends, our team has done the hard work for you. We have gathered our predictions for some of the biggest fashion trends for 2022 you can find at the best thrift stores in Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri. 

Fashion trends for 2022

Vibrant and cheerful colors

Every year Pantone chooses a color that will represent the year. This year the company has declared Very Peri as the color for 2022. This color is a periwinkle blue hue with violet-red undertones. It was chosen because it represents a transition and new possibilities. 

Following this trend, you can expect to see more vibrant colors in fashion as well. Bright oranges, greens and pinks are expected to be trendy this year. You can get ahead of this trend by looking for statement pieces in these colors. 

Mini skirts

It is time to put away the midi skirts because it looks like the mini-skirt trend is taking over in 2022. High fashion designers from Prada, Mui Miu and Valentino, have included this trend in their runway collections. This early 2000s trend had also captured the eyes of Gen Z when TikTok feeds were full of tennis skirts. 

Pleated skirts to denim skirts are expected to be seen all over. So on your next thrifting trip to the best thrift stores in Iowa, check out the skirt section. You might find some early 2000s inspired skirts to rock this year. If you do find a skirt you like, but it is too long, do not forget you can make it mini using this guide

Corset tops

One trend that we have been seeing since last year is corset top. It is expected that this fashion trend will continue and gain even more popularity during the spring and summer of this year. Many celebrities like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa have already been spotted rocking a corset top. 

Early 2000s jean styles 

The dreaded low-rise jeans are expected to make a comeback this year. AGOLDE’s Design Director predicts that we will start to see a transition to low-rise jeans with straight legs. However, that does not mean you need to toss your high-rise jeans out just yet. It is expected that more relaxed and ‘80s and ‘90s style jeans will continue through summer. So on your next thrifting trip, be sure to thrift jeans with these styles. 

Secondhand fashion and sustainability 

There is one trend that is expected only to grow: secondhand clothing. Thredup Resale Report predicts that the secondhand market is projected to double in the next five years. Like Gen Z and millennials, many younger generations are increasing the demand for secondhand items due to sustainability, saving money and reducing waste. 

The Internet is only helping skyrocket the demand for secondhand clothing with apps, websites and social media platforms that make shopping secondhand easier. If this trend continues, secondhand fashion will be two times bigger than fast fashion by 2030. 

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