2021 home decor trends you can thrift

Home is where the heart is. Last year, we saw ourselves spending more time in our homes than ever before. Due to this change, many of us have started to rethink our home space. One of the biggest themes for decor trends in 2021 is looking to be functional

With many of us spending more time at home, we want to use every space available. Before heading to your favorite used furniture Omaha location, here are some of the home trends you will see in 2021. 


In the past years, the interior design consisted of cold tones. In 2021, interior designers predict that warm colors will be taking over. Warm tones consist of yellows, browns, oranges and reds. Let us not forget that Pantone named yellow and grey the colors of 2021. When updating your decor this year, look out for home items that are in warm tones. 


Working from home is not going away anytime soon. Functional workspaces will be a must for families who have adults working from home or kids with online school. Get creative and save some money by thrifting furniture for workspaces. Head to a used furniture Omaha store and look for old desks, tables, vanities and dressers that you can flip into usable desks.


One thing that we are seeing come back this year is rounded furniture and decor. Design experts predict that there will be an increase in spherical furniture use. You can incorporate this trend by picking out rounded tables, chairs, sofas, coffee tables and desks. If you are not thinking about updating your furniture, then thrift rounded mirrors, lamps, vases and picture frames. 


Vintage lovers 2021 is going to be your year. One of the hottest trends for this year is vintage furniture and decor. You want to add vintage pieces into your existing home decor - like wall art, furniture or lighting. Some of the best places to find vintage pieces are local thrift stores and vintage shops. 


The outdoors are being brought inside in 2021. Interior designers predict that natural texture decor is going to be one of the decor trends in 2021 you will see everywhere.  Natural textures to add to your space include natural wood, rattan, bamboo, bark and stones. When shopping for this trend, look for items that have similar colors and work together to create a cohesive look. 


If you have a green thumb, then this trend is for you. Houseplants are going to continue to be a strong trend in 2021. Adding your favorite indoor plant helps freshen the room and improves the air quality. When adding a new plant to your collection, consider thrifting your pots. Thrift stores have lots of housewares that you can repurpose to use as pots. It will help you save money and give your space a vintage look. 


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