5 ways to declutter your home for the new year

Five ways to declutter your home for the new year

Out with the old and in with the new! It is time to declutter your home for the new year! Deciding what items should be kept and what needs to be donated is challenging with so many rooms.

Before you start looking for a donation drop off Omaha NE, make sure you have gotten rid of all the necessary items. Use these tips to declutter your home for the new year.

Create a purposeful entryway 

Since the entryway is the first thing people see when they walk into your door, make a great first impression. Often this space ends up becoming a piling ground for everyday items. Create a useful entryway by removing unnecessary items and using storage containers. Here is a list of items to declutter from this space: 

  • Unworn shoes

  • Extra coats and jackets

  • Umbrellas

  • Unused tote bags

  • Piled mail 

  • Seasonal items 

Declutter your living room bookshelves and coffee tables

Living rooms are one of the most versatile rooms. They can be used as offices, entertainment and playrooms. This causes extra items to pile up and cause clutter. To keep a space clean and functional, remove unnecessary items and donate them to a donation drop off Omaha spot. Check out some things to declutter from your living space: 

  • Unwatched movies

  • Books 

  • Old magazines 

  • Kids toys 

  • Extra blankets 

  • Unfunctional furniture

  • Lamps 

  • Outdated pillows 

  • Decor 

Minimize your cookware

One of the tips to declutter your home is to tackle your cluttered kitchen cabinets. As the year went by, you probably threw things in it without thinking about it and winded up with multiple items. Maximize your kitchen space by removing items that are the same, no longer used or mismatched. These are some items to remove from your cabinets or pantry

  • Unused small kitchen appliances

  • Extra tupperware 

  • Kitchen gadgets

  • Used baking ware

  • Outdated kitchen decor 

  • Coffee mugs and cups 

  • Utensils 

  • Unopened cookbooks

Freshen up the bathroom 

One of the most important tips to declutter your home is not to forget your bathroom! Organizing your bathroom can save you time and frustration. The bathroom can end up accumulating extra stuff that has no purpose in there. Create a functional bathroom by sorting out all the unnecessary items into a donate or toss box. Here is a list of things to declutter from your bathroom: 

  • Extra towels

  • Expired makeup and locations

  • Hair accessories

  • Unused beauty appliances

  • Decor items that do not fit your style

Clean out the closets

The closets in your home can get jam packed with clothing that was bought and never worn. Make extra room for all the new clothes that you plan to buy for yourself or family members by removing unused clothes. Start by removing these items from your closet

  • Clothes that no longer fit

  • Clothes that were only worn once

  • Unworn shoes 

  • Extra accessories 

  • Seasonal clothes

Where to find a donation drop off Omaha NE?

After decluttering your home, donate all those unwanted clothes, furniture and household items to Thrift World. We have donation drop off locations in Omaha or you can call for a free at-home pickup. Find one here