Five items to thrift-fall

Updated: Five items to thrift for this fall

What better way to spend your free autumn days than spending it shopping at the best thrift stores in Omaha. Thrifting gives you the opportunity to buy items at a discounted price while helping save the environment. If you are thrifting this week, here are five items you should add to your shopping list. 

Thrift store sweaters

There is a reason why fall and winter are referred to as sweater weather seasons. The cold and chilly temperatures are perfect for wearing cozy knit sweaters. If you are thinking about adding more sweaters to your wardrobe, consider buying thrift store sweaters.

New sweaters, especially those you buy from fast fashion sites, can be harmful to the environment. Most of these sweaters are made of non-biodegradable fabrics that take years to decompose. Instead of buying new, head to a thrift store and purchase a second hand one to reduce the impact on the environment. 

Thrift store Halloween costumes  

The most anticipated holiday during the fall is Halloween. This holiday is an opportunity for everyone of all ages to dress up as their favorite person or even meme. Celebrating this holiday can leave a dent in your wallet and planet, so you should consider thrifting a costume instead. 

Thrift stores carry a wide variety of costumes that get a second chance instead of ending up in landfills. In addition to having vintage costumes, thrift stores also spark your creativity. You can DIY your own costume using vintage clothes to fit any theme. 

Thrift store football apparel 

Aside from spooky and sweater season, fall is also known as the college football season. This sports season typically starts in August. Sports fanatics dress up from head to toe in their favorite team’s apparel to cheer them on at home or tailgate during this team. 

However, getting new football gear to cheer on your favorite team is expensive. Head to a thrift store if you want to add new sports apparel to your wardrobe this fall season. There you can find sports apparel for the whole family at a fraction of the price you would at retail stores. If you are lucky, you might find vintage and rare gear.

Thrift store home fall decorations 

Do you love decorating your home with the change of seasons? Save yourself money by thrifting home fall decorations. Thrift stores have seasonal home decorations and DIY-friendly decorations. Here is a list of fall items to buy at a thrift store:

  • Colored glassware 

  • Copper items

  • Books

  • Throw blankets 

  • Candleholders

  • Wreaths

  • Baskets 

  • Wooden boxes or bowls

Thrift store cookware

It seems that the change of weather brings the craving for home-cooked and baked goods. During this time, many people are sharing their favorite baked goods. All this cooking requires reusable and durable cookware. Thrift stores offer a great selection of cookware and bakeware. These stores carry pots, pans, baking trays, cake displays and even casserole containers. 

Check out the best thrift stores in Omaha!

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