Five items to thrift-fall

Five items to thrift for this fall

Everything is changing during the fall like the weather, food, fashion and even home decor. If you are still not prepared for fall, it is time for a fall thrift haul from your favorite thrift store. 

Thrift stores are a great place to shop for your fall fashion and home decor without breaking the bank. Not sure what you should be thrifting for this fall?

One of the best thrift stores in Omaha wants to share with you these five items that you need to thrift this fall. 

Cozy knits

Fall is often referred to as sweater weather. Around these months, the weather gets chilly and unpredictable. It can be cold in the morning, but quickly get warm towards the afternoon. A sweater is the perfect piece of clothing for any fall outfit.

When it comes to shopping for sweaters, try thrifting for them. Knit sweaters can be expensive in retail stores. Thrift stores offer vintage and name brand sweaters that you can get for half the price. There are different styles of sweaters to choose from like bold-colored, basic knits and comfy sweaters. 

Halloween costumes  

Halloween only comes once a year. So, why should you have to spend so much money on an outfit that you will only wear once? Thrift stores offer budget-friendly costumes for you or your kids. 

You can choose from costumes that come complete with accessories or you can create your own. Thrift stores give you the opportunity to DIY your costume without breaking the bank. For example, if you are going for an 80's look, you can buy some leggings, a neon-colored shirt and bold accessories. 

Football apparel 

Nothing says fall like the start of football season. Typically, football season runs from September to January. During this time, die-hard fans dress up from head to toe in their team’s apparel to show support. 

However, football apparel can be on the pricey in retail stores. Try thrifting your favorite football sweaters and shirts instead. Thrift stores offer a wide variety of football team apparel for a fraction of the price. There are even vintage clothing options that you cannot find anywhere else. 

Fall decorations 

There are lots of activities that you can enjoy in the fall - like apple picking or visiting a pumpkin patch. However, one of the best things to do in fall is cozy up in your home with a blanket. Buying items that cozy up your home is a must-have for your fall thrift haul. 

Save yourself some time and money by decorating your home with thrift items. Thrift stores have everything you need to pumpkin spice your home. Or you can find budget-friendly items that you can DIY.  Here is a list of some fall home decor that is worth thrifting

  • Colored glassware 

  • Mason jars

  • Leave decorations

  • Throw blankets 

  • Pumpkins 

  • Mugs

  • Wreaths

  • Baskets 

  • Picture frames


It seems that the change of weather brings the craving for baked goods. Since the start of social distancing, many people have started to pick up baking as a hobby. From baking banana bread to cookies, you need durable bakeware. 

Thrift stores offer a great selection of bakeware for anyone who is beginning to bake or is a professional. You can find everything from pots and pans to cupcake trays. There is even a selection of small kitchen appliances! 

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