2021 fashion trends

If one of your goals for 2021 is to upgrade your wardrobe, one of the best thrift stores in Kansas City can help! This year vintage fashion from different decades is making a comeback from the ‘70s to early ‘00. Check out some of the fashion trends that will be taking over 2021 and that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe. 


Last year, loose-fitting jeans started to gain popularity. This trend is only going to continue to grow in 2021. Fashion experts predict that looser straight cut pants will be making huge waves. Whether it is denim, trousers or athletic pants, looser and flared bottoms are making a comeback. You can hit your favorite thrift store to get some great loose pants options. Switch out those skinny jeans for mom jeans, boot cut, straight cut and flared jeans. 


Collars are often associated with a preppy style. However, in 2021 it is predicted that collars are making a comeback. Many high fashion designers, like Gucci and Moda Al, used collars in their 2021 Spring/Summer collections. When shopping for this trend, find vintage-inspired collars that are rounded. You can wear this trend in shirts, sweaters and dresses. 


If you have been reminiscing about your childhood this quarantine, we have good news for you! The brands that you grew up with, like Gap and Kangol, are making a comeback. Many GenZ influencers, like Emma Chamberlain, have been rocking this trend by wearing vintage sweaters and bucket hats. It is time to search for your past wardrobes and bring back those favorite brands. If you no longer have these brands, visit your favorite thrift store. 


Vintage is coming back in a bold way. Thanks to the Netflix hit Bridgerton regency fashion is leaving a mark in people’s wardrobes. According to Lyst’s report, the search for corsets in the first four weeks of Brigerton’s release has increased 123 percent. Not to mention all the searches for empire waist dresses and headbands have also increased. You can shop for these vintage fashion trends at affordable prices at the best thrift stores in Kansas City. 


One of the biggest fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2021 is upcycled fashion. Whether consumers are upcycling their own clothes or buying from designers, upcycling will be significant. Many designers, like Balenciaga, have taken the incentive to become more eco-friendly by using upcycled designs. This upcycling helps reduce textile waste and make use of deadstock fabrics. Upcycling your clothes is easy. You can use old clothing you no longer use or find items at a local thrift store. 


It looks like sustainable fashion is not going anywhere in 2021. Fashion experts predict more consumers will be looking for sustainable fashion options in the new year. Barron's reports that eight of 10 consumers say they value sustainability. People are looking for fashion brands that are more environmentally-friendly and ethical. As a result, many consumers are building sustainable wardrobes that include sustainable brands and second hand clothes. 


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