Wearing white after labor day

Once Labor Day weekend comes and goes so does the white wardrobe. But is it really against the fashion rules to rid your closet of this hue and to put it to rest? Find out if wearing white after Labor Day really is a fashion sin, how to style your favorite hue in everyday outfits and what you can find at thrift stores near you.

Where did this rule come from?

The rule to not wear white after Labor Day was invented in the 19th century. A society of elite women came up with the rule and used it to separate old money elitists from new money. Those who had money would wear white while on vacation and those in the city would wear darker apparel. Another theory is that your breezy white linens and dresses are packed away after this day as a reminder of the end of summer. This resembles the start of a new season of fall and a new wardrobe. Whichever theory you choose to believe, it’s subjective and doesn’t need to be followed. Feel free to wear your white clothing all year round judgment free!

Can you actually wear white on Labor Day?

Contrary to popular belief, yes, you can wear white on and after Labor Day! Labor Day marks the end of summer fashion and the beginning of fall, all you have to do to accomplish this look is to trade the breezy white linens for a lightweight sweater. White can and should be worn year around!

How to wear white after the holiday

Not only is white a great hue to wear in the summer, but it is also iconic in the winter and other seasons as well! White shoes have been making a statement for the last couple of years, making bulky winter outfits appear chic. White denim is a classic closet staple that pairs well with anything any time of the year. Wearing varying tones of white, such as off-white and ivory, is also a good option to incorporate the color into your post-Labor Day attire. 

Thrift stores near you

The age-old question has been answered, wearing white after Labor Day isn’t a fashion sin. In fact, it’s a fashion statement! Shop our Thrift World locations around the Omaha Metro, Council Bluffs, Carroll and Kansas City! Can’t make it to a thrift store near you? Do your thrift shopping online by shopping our inventory

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