Cowboy boot trend

Cowboy boots aren’t only for horse girls. They are making a statement on the streets, at festivals and at sporting events this summer and fall. Thanks to Y2K being a popular trend this year, cowboy boots have been making an appearance and stepping up the fashion game. Whether you’re looking for a classic boot or a fun metallic spin on this western classic find out how to style these go-to boots and find them at the best thrift shops in Omaha

History of the trend

Cowboy boots were originally invented in 1875, and they were popular among rodeo performers, ranchers, cattlemen and herders. They are also closely associated with old Hollywood Western movies and serials. Cowboy boots are both durable and functional, making them perfect for the hard workers who gravitated toward the trend when it first originated.

These days, cowboy boots are worn not only by those who need them for durability and functionality but also by those looking to make a fashion statement. Celebrities have been seen wearing variations of cowboy boots on and off the runway, making it the newest trend everyone wants to be a part of. Coming in various styles and colors, these boots are perfect for festival season, sporting events or just hitting the town.

Thrift instead of buy 

This trend may be popular, but it can also be more on the expensive side. If you want to stay on budget and shop sustainably, visiting a thrift store near you is a great option! Thrift stores have a wide variety of pieces from different times so you’re bound to find something that completes your perfect outfit. You don’t need to spend an absurd amount on a brand new outfit to look good! You can save money while still buying a whole outfit that embraces the current trend.

How to style

If styling your cowboy boots with jeans isn’t quite your vibe, don’t worry there are plenty of other options to match your boots that will still make a statement that you’re sure to love!


Not just any dress can be pulled off with cowboy boots. A little house on the prairie dress doesn’t quite give off trendy vibes, so go with a midi or mini dress to accomplish a chic look. The structured look from the boots and the flowy dress is a match made in heaven!

Button-down and skirt

Button-down shirts are another hot trend this summer! For a unique look, pair your favorite pair of boots with a button-down shirt and a fun patterned skirt! This outfit is perfect to wear for a night out on the town or even to a music festival with friends. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your cowboy boots, there are many colors and patterns to choose from.

Jean shorts

Jean shorts and cowboy boots are a classic Americana look! Find your favorite pair of cutoff shorts and pair them with a fun flowy shirt. Your boots can be as bold or as simple as you want them to be! Jean shorts will pair with neutral colors just as well as a bold patterned boot.

Best thrift shops in Omaha

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