2022 Fall Trends Birkenstock Bostons

The sun is setting on summer and fall is approaching. That means cooler weather, spooky season and fall fashion! A current fashion trend on the rise for this fall season is Birkenstock Bostons. We all know and love the Birkenstock brand because of its tried and true sandals. The iconic cork bottom and leather or suede finish are perfect for everyday wear. The Boston is ideal for chilly fall days in case socks and sandals aren’t quite your vibe. Update your fall wardrobe by thrift shopping online!

What are Birkenstock Bostons?

These might not be the most glamorous or chic pair of shoes to be trending in 2022, but they sure are comfortable. Birkenstock Bostons are a backless clog shoe that first launched in 1977. These slip-on clogs offer a soft footbed and a variety of colors and styles. Suede, suede leather and oiled leather are a few of the different materials you can choose from. 

How did they become popular?

During the summer months, the coastal grandmother trend was very popular. This trend consisted of button-downs, cardigans and white jeans, basically, just picture Diane Keaton in any movie she’s been in. To accomplish this same trend and make it transition seamlessly into fall, all you need to do is add a pair of Birkenstock Bostons and you’re all set! If you’re convinced about getting yourself a pair you should move fast and head to a thrift store near you. These shoes are taking off in popularity and as trends come and go thrift stores are oftentimes the place to get pieces like this!

How to style them?

Not only are these shoes comfortable but they can be styled in almost any way. Once you get your hands on a pair you won’t want to wear anything else. The fact that they can go with anything makes these shoes a no-brainer but pair them with outfits like these and you’ll look great all season long.


You simply can’t go wrong with a classic button-down. It all started with the coastal grandmother trend and now it has continued into fall. Pair your favorite clogs with a button-down shirt and a loose pair of pants for a relaxed and comfy outfit. 

Chunky Knit

Fall is the perfect time to start breaking out sweaters! Add some color to your neutral outfit by adding a fun-colored chunky knit to your wardrobe. A midi skirt or wide-leg white jeans are perfect to complete this look. Once again, comfort is key but looking stylish is a plus.


A pair of trousers is a good way to dress up this simple pair of shoes. For the workplace or really any occasion you need to dress up for, wear a patterned pair of pants with your Bostons to add some texture to your look. 

Thrift shopping online

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