Thrift World In Store Sales and Promotions

Every week Thrift World provides deeply discounted product to the community.  Along with our great prices we also offer additional discounts for Seniors over 55, Military/Frontline workers and Teachers on specific days.


Tuesday: 30% off Senior Day

Wednesday: 30% off Military and Frontline workers Day

Thursday: 30% off Teachers Day

Discount Days at Thrift World

Tag Color sales for EVERYONE!

We are dedicated to providing fresh product every week to our thousands of customers.  To keep the sales floor full of fresh new to us items we rotate inventory every 6 weeks.  That's right every 6 weeks we have a completely new store full of different inventory.  To keep up with cycling inventory all items have different color tags based on the week they were put out. So EVERYDAY you can find discount color tags in all of our stores.  The weeks current color tag discounts are displayed at each store's front area.  Don't forget we also Reward our customers with our Thrift World Rewards program; for every $1 spent you get 1 point.  100 points earns $5 off next purchase  

Week 1 - 4 tags are not discounted
5 Week old tags are discounted by: 50% at the registers
6 Week old tags are discounted by: .98 cent tags and Last Sunday .48 cents