Tips for thrifting winter coats

One piece of clothing that is a staple to any winter wardrobe is a coat. It is what keeps you warm during the low temperatures and protects you from the snow and wind. Although this piece of clothing is necessary to navigate the winter weather, it can also be expensive. 

The average cost of a good winter coat can range from $100 to $300. You can save yourself some money by buying one at a thrift store. Before you start searching for a thrift near me, check out these helpful tips to thrift a winter coat. 

Why should you thrift your winter coat?

Buying your coat at a thrift store does more than save you money. It also helps save the planet. The production of some coats, especially fast fashion ones, pollutes the air and oceans. Ten percent of the world’s carbon emissions come from the fashion industry

Also, some coats are made from synthetic fibers that pollute water sources with microplastics. These plastics are dangerous to marine life because marine animals can mistake them for food particles, consume them and pass the chemicals through the food chain. 

By thrifting your winter coats at a thrift near me, you are helping reduce the production of new coats. In return, it helps reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and pollution in the water. To help you thrift the perfect winter coat for you, check out these tips.

Tips for thrifting a winter coat

Pick a classic style coat

Winter coats are an investment. You want to find one that will last you years and transcend trends. The last thing you want is to buy an expensive coat that will be out of style by the next season. When thrifting for one, look for coats that are more classic-styled ones. Some classic coat styles include trench-style, military-style, plaid, puffers, single-breasted black wool coats and car coats. 

Choose a versatile color

Aside from style, it is also a smart idea to find a coat that has a more versatile color. Just like style trends, colors also change. That bright pink coat might be stylish now, but maybe not next year. Instead, thrift more timeless colors like black, white, cream, grey, navy or camel

Look for quality materials

Not all winter coats are created equal. Some coats are made of poor materials that will not protect you from the winter elements. If you want to buy a high-quality coat that will keep you warm, look for one made out of faux furs, wools, sherpa, feathers or mohair. 

Make sure it fits right

It can be exciting to find a pretty coat at a thrift near me for an unbeatable price. Before paying for that coat, make sure it fits you correctly. Try it on, and make sure you can move your arms without resistance. If you cannot raise or cross your arms, it is too small. 

Make sure the shoulder seam tips sit on top of your shoulder tops, and the sleeve hemline hits where the index finger and thumb connect. Remember that you can always get it tailored if the sleeve hemline is too long. 

Are you looking for a thrift near me?

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