What to do with your decorations and costumes once Halloween is over What to do with your decorations and costumes once Halloween is over

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays in October. This spooky holiday is considered to be the second-biggest commercial holiday, with Christmas being number one. The average American is projected to spend around $102 on candy, costumes and decorations

Why is this number so high? Well, people do not typically wear the same costume they did the previous year. They want to outdo themselves every single year. 

With that being said, most Halloween costumes and decorations end up in the trash. That is why our thrift donation team wants to share some ways you can recycle Halloween items after this holiday is over. 


It does not matter if you thrifted your Halloween costume or bought a new one; take a more eco-friendly decision on how to get rid of it. Reports found that 17 million tons of textile end up in landfills, and that includes Halloween costumes. The problem is that most of these costumes are not biodegradable and end up in landfills for years. 


Store Halloween decorations and costumes

If you are one of those people that likes to go all out for Halloween, you probably decorate your home with scary things and dress up with a costume. Halloween decorations sit a whole month in your house and costumes get worn once before they are tossed in the trash.

Instead of tossing your decor and costumes, consider saving them for next year. Once your festivities are over, take time to decide what is worth keeping. Place the items you will keep in a box and store them in a garage, attic or closet.

Give your Halloween costumes and decorations away

One thing about kids is that they grow up fast. What fits them one day will not fit them in a month. So the costume you bought your kid this year might not fit the upcoming year. Instead of tossing that costume out, why not give it to a friend

Reach out to a friend or family member who has a kid smaller than yours and ask if they want the costume. Giving away a Halloween costume saves you room in your closet and helps reduce textile waste. This process also works with adult costumes.

Donate your Halloween costumes and decorations

What if you do not want to keep your Halloween costume or decorations? Or, nobody wants your or your family’s costume? A thrift store can take it off your hands. These stores accept items like Halloween costumes and decorations. They can then recycle items by providing these items to families next year.

How can you make a thrift donation? At Thrift World, you can make donations by bringing items to a store, donation bin or scheduling a donation pick-up. We do ask that items be bagged or boxed. While you are at it, you can also add other items or furniture you no longer need. 

Looking for a thrift donation location?

Visit our website. There you can find our store locations, donation bin locations and even schedule a free at-home donation pick up. Check out our website here!

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