How to create a budget-friendly winter wardrobe

How to create a budget-friendly winter wardrobe

The months where you can make it out the door in a t-shirt and jeans is almost over. The winter months are around the corner bringing colder weather and snow. 

Keeping yourself and family warm this winter is a critical step for their health. Being outdoors without proper winter gear can result in frostbite, hypothermia and heart problems. 

It is important to buy proper winter clothing to avoid getting ill. The problem is that buying a whole new wardrobe for winter can be expensive. That is why one of the best Omaha and Independence thrift stores wants to share a few tips on how to create a budget-friendly winter wardrobe. 

Layer up 

A smart way to stay warm this winter is by layering up. Wearing layers daily can help you stay warm when commuting to work, school or shopping. You can wear three kinds of layers to stay cozy - the base, middle and outer layers

For the bottom layer, wear long sleeve shirts that can be worn with another layer. The middle layer can consist of sweaters, vests and blazers that help you retain the heat in your body. While on the outer layer, you want to wear a winter coat, scarves and hats that keep the rain and wind off of you.

Choose a versatile shoe

Cold weather does not occur all year long. Why should you have to buy multiple pairs of shoes for the winter? Save some cash and splurge on one pair of high quality winter boots. Buy a pair of shoes that works for both the snowy and rainy weather. Look for classic pairs of boots that you can wear through the years. Thrift stores offer a great selection of high quality boots at affordable prices. 

Buy a timeless winter coat 

Coats are an expensive part of any winter wardrobe. Many people can spend between $100 to $200 on winter coats at retail stores. To save money, it is important to find a winter coat that will look good no matter the trend. You do not want to splurge on a coat that you will only wear one season. Instead find a classic looking coat that you can wear every single year. 

Choose a warm winter hat 

If you are one of those people whose ears get cold easily, you need a hat. Hats can protect your ears from the chilly weather and harsh winds. Instead of choosing a cotton hat, opt for ones made out of fleece, wool, shearling and faux fur to stay warm. These kinds of hats will last you longer and can be found at Independence thrift stores for lower prices. 

Thrift instead of paying full price

A smart way to avoid the expensive winter gear prices is by thrifting. Thrift stores have a full stock of winter gear for the whole family at a fraction of the cost at retail stores. You find about everything you need for the oldest and youngest in the house. 

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