The rise of vintage fashion

Timeless pieces are being moved to the front of closets, meanwhile fast fashion is being shoved to the back. Whether you’re scrolling through Tik Tok or other social media platforms, vintage clothing is everywhere! Currently, big trends include Y2K and the late ‘90s, meaning mom jeans and loose clothing are being styled in different ways. Thrift World carries a variety of brands and clothing pieces, shop your favorite trend at the best thrift stores in Omaha.

Why is vintage fashion popular?

Vintage pieces are making a comeback, but they have never actually stopped making appearances in our everyday looks. Trends change year to year and with that, we are left with signature looks. The popularity of vintage fashion is the ability for it to tell a story of the time period it’s from. Vintage clothing gives us an idea of what fashion was like during that time and how it can be implemented into current trends.  The 2000s and late 90s fashion trends are becoming increasingly more popular.


Popular vintage pieces

Y2K is all over our social media feeds, inspiring outfits and styles all over. This time period was very influential on style and includes some of the fashion world's biggest moments. Many of those loving Y2K as a current trend were too young to participate when it originated.

Mini Skirts

This trend surprisingly has some diversity to it. Whether you want a pleated, cargo or a micro mini skirt, there is something for everyone. These skirts can be styled with a cropped tee and a chunky boot for a full throwback look.

Baby Tees

These closet staples are a good basic to have on hand. Baby tees are more cropped than a typical crop top and can be found in various colors and patterns. This staple can be paired with anything, but a classic look is paired with loose-fitting jeans.

Straight Leg Jeans

Say goodbye to skinny jeans, baggy and oversized jeans are taking over. Typically in Y2K fashion, these jeans would be rocked as a low rise, but as trends evolve high-waisted versions of these jeans are on the rise. 


How thrift vintage clothes

Staying up to date on current trends is easy when you shop at Thrift World! Our online store has a vintage collectibles section, so your Y2K fashion dreams can come true. Finally being able to authentically style looks from many years ago can be a little overwhelming, so here are some brands to look for on your next thrifting trip!

Juicy Couture


Tommy Hilfiger



Best thrift stores in Omaha

Keep your closet up to date with current trends by shopping at the best thrift stores in Omaha. Thrift World allows you to update your wardrobe in a sustainable way. Check out our locations in the Omaha Metro, Council Bluffs, Carroll, and Kansas City! Can’t make it in-store? Do your thrift shopping online by shopping our inventory

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