Mothers Day Gift Guide

May 8th is fastly approaching and instead of scrambling at the last minute on what to get your mom for mothers day, Thrift World has you covered. Whether you’re looking for tangible items or something that you can make into an experience, celebrate this special day with an even more exceptional person by thrifting your gift this year. If you’ve overused the free hug coupon books, these budget-friendly and thoughtful gifts are sure to impress!

Ways to celebrate Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is a holiday spent honoring mothers around the world. Whether you decide to pick out these items solo or take mom with you, thrifting is a great bonding activity. With these items, you’re also giving the gift of something that serves as a memento of the experience you had on this day! It’s a win-win. Shop Mother’s Day gifts at one of the best thrift shops in Omaha.


Springtime is perfect for picnics! Small sandwiches and a spring breeze, there’s nothing more relaxing. To plan this excursion you don’t need much, but some effort is needed. Everything can be found at a thrift store near you. Supplies include thrifted:



Charcuterie Board


You can’t go wrong with planning a dinner for your mom, after all, she made countless dinners for you growing up. Whether you decide to make a five-course meal or a frozen pizza, that’s up to you, but the ambiance is what is most important. Thrifting the essentials for this gift will make it even more impressive than just finding things around the house. To make a five-star experience you’ll need thrifted:





Movie Night

Relive your childhood movie nights with your mom by planning a classic movie night! Nothing is better than a night at home watching your favorite movie with loved ones. This is perfect if you’re on a budget and tight on time! Sit back, relax and plan the perfect movie night with these thrifted essentials:

Old movies


Popcorn machine

Best thrift shops in Omaha

For the woman who does it all, impress your mom by thrifting gifts at one of the best thrift shops in Omaha! We have a wide selection of thrifted goods that your mom will love. From a five-star dinner at home to a relaxing movie night, plan a day that is budget-friendly and makes your mom feel extra special. 

Shop our locations in the Omaha Metro, Council Bluffs, Carroll, and Kansas City! Can’t make it in-store? Do your thrift shopping online by shopping our inventory

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