Sustainable brands you can thrift

Shopping sustainably isn’t only good for you but also for the environment. Fast fashion is responsible for 84% of clothes clogging landfills and polluting our planet. Instead of being made sustainably, fast fashion is produced in factories that emit gasses in the air which are harmful. Fast fashion is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 1.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year, this is caused by both the production and shipping process. The appeal of fast fashion is that it is cheap to make, but at what cost? It is having detrimental effects on our planet.

What makes a brand sustainable?

To be considered a sustainable brand it is more than just a statement, you have to lead with actions that show consumers that you care. A brand should be sustainable for both the consumers and the planet. Brands are sustainable for the planet through how their products are produced. The materials the product is made from, durability, and the afterlife of the product determine this. Sustainable brands oftentimes make their products out of sources that are recycled, non-toxic, natural, organic, or vegan. The factories that produce their products are powered sustainably and are conscious of shipping methods. Everything the brand does is to minimize its environmental footprint.

Why should you shop for sustainable brands?

Look good and feel good

When you purchase products from a sustainable brand, you get a cool product and you get the gratification of knowing that you’re doing something good for the planet. The money you spend on the product is going towards making a difference

Reduces pollution

Fast fashion is known to be a cheaper and faster way to produce mass amounts of clothing. When shopping sustainably, brands source and make their products in the states ensuring higher quality control. This helps maintain lower carbon emissions due to production and overseas shipping. 

Fair labor practices

In the United States, there are laws stating that labor practices are to be compensated with a proper living wage. When you purchase from a sustainable brand you can feel good knowing you’re doing something good for the planet and for people as well.

Higher-quality products

Sustainable brands are made with higher-quality materials. This means the fabrics are more durable and softer and are less likely to end up in landfills and stay in your closet longer than fast fashion brands. Also, since quality control is monitored you’re bound to be more pleased with your products.

Examples of sustainable brands

Sustainable brands are more popular than one might think. Here are some popular brands that are environmentally conscious:




Girlfriend Collective

Thrift shopping online

Look good and feel good by replenishing your closet in a sustainable way! Thrift shopping online is a great way to find sustainable brands and give clothes a second chance, whether you’re shopping or donating

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