The return of the fanny pack

The fanny pack is making a comeback! These versatile and convenient accessories are taking TikTok by storm making it the latest fashion trend to be a part of. It’s hard not to be influenced to buy this go-to accessory when it’s every other swipe on your For You Page. Find out how to style fanny packs and why the rise in popularity isn’t so surprising. Shop at Thrift World the best thrift shops in Omaha to stay on top of the latest fashion trends.

Origins of the fanny pack

The ’80s was when the fanny pack made its first debut. These bags were meant to be durable, practical, colorful, and anything but chic. They were so versatile and easy to wear that tourists started to wear them when traveling and exploring new cities. Oftentimes pairing this accessory with an oversized T-shirt and sorts, which is a common trend seen today. 

The stereotype of the fanny pack being cheap and only for tourists didn’t last long. Soon high fashion brands referred to it as a belt bag which made it much more appealing. Those who thought fanny packs weren’t a fashion statement were wearing them on the streets and as a finishing touch to outfits. From Chanel, Louis Vuitton to Gucci, designers were releasing their versions of the fanny pack making it a staple in everyday wear. 

How to style

The versatility and convenience make the fanny pack an accessory that is sought after. Once you purchase a fanny pack, you’re going to want to know how to style it! There are multiple ways to style it. Popular ways to wear a fanny pack include across the waist or cross-body. This is perfect for when you need a hands-free experience for crowded events such as concerts, festivals, or running everyday errands. A perk to having a fanny pack so close by is the security it offers. On a night out you don’t have to wonder if your wallet or keys are close by or if you have your bag, it will always be on you…literally. 

What to put inside

Not entirely convinced this trend is for you? The convenience and versatility should be enough. Fanny packs are perfect for taking everyday essentials on the go. Bring your keys, wallet, sunglasses and more! Don’t let these little bags fool you, they can fit what is necessary while making day-to-day life easier. Thanks to the tourism boom in the ‘80s we get to use these bags as a staple in our fashion. 

Best thrift shops in Omaha

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