What to thrift for the Fourth of July

Thrifting for holidays is a great way to save money and come across vintage finds that stores wouldn’t normally have. Shopping secondhand for the Fourth of July is a great way to frugally incorporate red, white and blue into your decor, wardrobe and much more. Thrift online or in-store and make a statement with your thrifted finds by incorporating ideas from this guide!

What to thrift online or in-store

Red, white and blue clothing

One of the easiest ways to show off your patriotism this Fourth of July is to rock the colors of red, white and blue. Although this task may seem easy, it can be quite daunting to fashion lovers. The mix of colors in one outfit while staying chic can cause some stress. Some ideas to make sure the day is enjoyed with friends and family and doesn't end up being a fashion dilemma include incorporating white pants, patterned or colored shirt-dresses, graphic tees or any USA-colored or themed apparel.

Made in the USA

Want to be patriotic year around? Thrift World has a whole section dedicated to ‘Made in the USA’ products! Shop around and find vintage shirts and items that are great for the Fourth of July and everything in between.

Festive Decor 

Whether you're throwing a party, hosting a BBQ, or just hanging out watching fireworks at home, decorate your home for all to enjoy! Shop secondhand for: 

Patriotic banners

Table covers


Mason jars 

Faux flowers


Watching fireworks on the Fourth of July is a must-do! Whether you have a go-to spot or watch from home, getting a comfy blanket to sprawl out on makes the experience so much better. Save yourself from the itchy grass and stop cranking your neck in the car. This year you’re not going to miss the fireworks spectacular, shop at a local thrift store for a blanket the whole family can enjoy.

Picnic baskets

What’s better than watching fireworks while having a picnic? Find the perfect picnic basket to fit all the delicious BBQ leftovers and snacks to eat during the fireworks show! Enjoy the fireworks and great food.


July is one of the hottest summer months, so it’s important to stay cool and hydrated! Thrift a cooler and be sure to stock it with hydrating drinks to stay safe this Independence Day. Coolers are great to shop secondhand as they can range in price when bought new. 

Thrift online

Be prepared this Fourth of July by thrift shopping online or in-store with Thrift World.

Shop our locations in the Omaha Metro, Council Bluffs, Carroll, and Kansas City! Can’t make it in-store? Do your thrift shopping online by shopping our inventory! 

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