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Article: Stranger Things Inspired Outfits

Stranger Things Inspired Outfits

Stranger Things Inspired Outfits

If you’ve been binge-watching Stranger Things, then you’re probably obsessed with the fashion. The 80s culture is highlighted through music and fashion, making viewers want to rock these throwback trends. Whether you want a grunge or preppy-inspired look, we have you covered. Channel your inner Nancy, Eddie, Eleven, or Steve with these looks by shopping at thrift stores in KC!

What is 80s fashion? 

80s fashion has played a major role in current-day fashion trends. Where do you think our beloved biker shorts, shoulder pad blazers and bold colors originated? Madonna was a fashion icon during this time period and still is an inspiration to this day. She wore bold prints and bright colors were often paired together. Her fashion sense inspired others to think outside the box and to wear this style on a day-to-day basis. The vintage aesthetic is back and is being portrayed in different ways. Whether grunge or preppy is the look you want to achieve, thank the 80s for its inspiration in the fashion world!


If being a part of the Hellfire Club isn’t your vibe, but you still want to look the part these are some closet staples you need to incorporate into your everyday looks.

Graphic tee

In order to accomplish the grunge aesthetic, not only is a graphic tee a necessity, but it has to be a specific vibe. A neutral color tee with a graphic similar to a band tee is ideal. If that isn’t easy to come across, a high school gaming club shirt will work just fine.

High Waisted Pants

In this time period, low-rise pants were basically a sin. The higher the rise of the pants, the better. Grab your favorite pair of denim and make sure they are mid to high-rise to achieve the true grunge look!


They were cool then, and they’re even cooler now! Old Skool Vans are the perfect sneaker to dance to your favorite Madonna song or practice your next viral TikTok routine. Thrifting these trendy shoes is ideal to accomplish the worn look to portray the real grunge aesthetic.

Plaid Flannel

Don’t break up with your boyfriend yet! You need his oversized flannel to achieve this look! Grunge knows no seasons! The plaid flannel is a year-round statement piece and must be worn on the hottest of days. Finish off your outfit with a classic plaid flannel and turn on your favorite rock music in the car for the perfect 80s experience.

Leather jacket

A leather jacket is a great staple piece to keep in the closet. This jacket is a simple but bold fashion necessity that can go with anything! Pair it with jeans or a dress for a fun everyday look!


Oxford button-down

For a clean and classic look, Oxford button-downs are the perfect outfit staple. Keep it buttoned for a pristine look and unbuttoned for a more casual look. Pair it with a sweater vest, or keep it casual with a french tuck into jeans.

Denim jacket

The denim jacket has proven the test of time. They looked great in the 80s, and they still do now! If a denim on denim look is what you're going for, pair a similar wash of denim with your denim jacket. For a fun look, pair it with a bold or patterned pair of pants or even a dress.

High Top Converse

Don’t retire your old pair of chucks yet! To accomplish the ultimate preppy 80s look, a pair of High Top Converse is the perfect shoe. Go with a neutral or a bold color, whatever your heart desires!

Visit one of the best thrift stores in KC

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