How to redecorate your home with thrifted furniture

Home decor trends are constantly changing, which makes committing to one piece of expensive furniture a difficult task. Thrifting furniture and home decor is a great option in this case! Shopping secondhand for home decor and furniture at used furniture stores Omaha can be a budget-friendly alternative and allows you to switch up the aesthetic of your home on a whim. 

Popular items to look for

Don’t be overwhelmed on your next thrifting trip! We’re going to break down what home essentials you should look for to revamp your home. 


Buying a brand new lamp can cost a pretty penny. At thrift stores finding a mixture of lamp bases and shades is common. Matching sets aren’t always easy to seek out, but the customization of lamp bases and shades make it fit the aesthetic of your home. Finding unique patterns and colors are an easy way to mix up different styles and trends.


Picture frames can hold memories new and old, or be used for alternative purposes. Buying a new picture frame can have a hefty price tag, at a secondhand store you’re able to find frames that are new and old to style in any way to fit your home! Whether you want to use a frame to display a picture, mirror, or chalkboard, shopping secondhand can help you find unique treasures you wouldn’t find anywhere else.


You can’t go wrong when it comes to thrifting baskets! There are a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from all for a bargain price. Whether you need more storage or something cute to hang on the wall, baskets are a good go-to decoration that goes with any home design.


Vases are easily a thrift store staple when browsing for home decor. There are a variety of colors, sizes and shapes making it customizable to display your favorite flowers. If flowers aren’t your vibe, use your favorite vase as a bookend as a pop of color.


Have a certain color or theme in mind for dishware? Shop secondhand! Many thrift stores have lots of dishware in stock that can be used for display or for actual use. Avoid the damaged pieces and look for any patterns and colors that fit the aesthetic you are looking for!


Have a blank wall you want to fill? Or a corner in a room that’s begging for a full-length mirror? Thrift a mirror to upgrade your space while staying on budget. Mirrors are great for making a small room appear bigger. Hang a group of mirrors on a wall to give off the appearance of expensive art and reflect light. You can also pick out a mirror that has vintage or modern vibes to show off the aesthetic and taste you’re trying to achieve.

Used furniture stores Omaha

Make your home feel like home by updating its style to fit your aesthetic using thrifted furniture and home decor. Even the smallest pieces of decor can make your home feel more put together and welcoming. Upgrade your space by shopping at used furniture stores Omaha.

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