Updated: Five things you need to remove from your closet

Having a hard time finding clothes in your closet, but it’s not from lack of clothes? It might be time to consider parting ways with that old college sports t-shirt or that high school prom dress. Cleaning out and organizing your closet is the first step, but figuring out what to do with the unwanted clothes is another task. 

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If you are decluttering your closet, here is how to sort clothes to give away. 

Jeans that no longer fit

From bootleg, straight leg to skinny, the average person can accumulate many pairs of jeans. A poll conducted by ShopSmart found that the average American woman owns seven pairs of jeans. On the other hand, the average American man owns, on average, six pairs of jeans. All those jeans can accumulate in your closet as the years pass. If you have some jeans that longer fit you, it is time to donate them. 

The same shirt in different colors

We all have that shirt. Our favorite shirt that’s the perfect fit that comes in every color. The only benefit of owning every color is that it stuffs your closet to the brim. You may think you will wear every color, but a rule of thumb when going through your closet and deciding to break up with certain clothing is to keep what you gravitate towards the most, and donate what you don’t wear.

Handbags that do not match your wardrobe 

Is there such a thing as too many handbags? Perhaps, it is true when you no longer have room to store new purses. Instead of leaving those bags on the floor or somewhere they might get damaged, pick out the ones that no longer fit your style. You might have only bought that handbag to match an outfit you no longer wear. Either way, parting with some bags gives you room for new ones. 

Special occasion clothes that you have already worn 

Another way to sort clothes to give away is to start with outfits for special occasions. Whether it is a wedding, New Year's Eve party or graduation, we tend to buy that outfit just for one event. It is common that we decide not to wear that piece of clothing again. Take those articles of clothing that you know you are longer going to wear and donate them. 

Out of season clothing 

The change in weather indicates what you will wear for the upcoming months. Whether winter or fall is approaching, switching out a wardrobe can save you valuable time. Instead of packing up all your summer clothes for the winter, toss a few items. Pick out the pieces of clothing that you know you will no longer wear and donate them. This will save lots of room in your storage and help recycle those old clothes. 

Borrowed clothes

Still have your ex boyfriend's sweatshirt or your best friend's cousin's prom dress? Take that as a sign that it’s time to part ways with these items of the past. They’re not only cramping your closet but your style. Who knows how old these items are and unlike those Converse in the back of your closet that will never go out of style, these will. Don’t toss these items in the trash, be sustainable and donate to give them a second life.

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