Ways to celebrate Earth Day

There are easy ways to protect the earth in day-to-day life. Thrifting is one way to protect the earth, by eliminating waste and keeping clothes out of landfills. Gently worn clothes at Thrift World are given a second chance to make a bold statement or be someone else’s new favorite staple. Our team wants to share some information about Earth Day and why you consider using our donation pick up Omaha services. 

What is Earth Day?

We celebrate it every year on April 22nd, but what really is Earth Day? Earth day started in 1970 as an environmental movement. Before the first Earth Day, people were exposed and consuming large amounts of leaded gas through the cars they were driving and the air was constantly polluted with smoke from factories and industries. The father of Earth Day is Gaylord Nelson, who was also the junior senator for Wisconsin. He observed how anti-war protests were successful and used that method to spread awareness of taking action about maintaining a healthy, sustainable environment on Earth.

Why should we care about Earth Day?

We call Earth home, so it is our responsibility to protect it. The theme for the 2022 Earth day is Invest In Our Planet. That means we all need to get involved to change the business climate, political climate and climate change. 

Earth Day is a good day to raise awareness about how consumer’s fashion choices are impacting the planet. Consumers are looking for fast and affordable ways to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends. This spike in demand has increased the popularity and rise of fast fashion like Forever 21 and Shein. Sadly people do not realize fast fashion is detrimental to the planet. Here are the effects fast fashion has on Earth.

  • 10% of the carbon emissions are from fashion production.
  • 85% of textiles end up in dumps yearly.
  • When certain materials are washed, thousands of tiny pieces of plastic are sent into the ocean.

Ways to celebrate Earth Day

Plant a tree 

Get your green thumb ready! Planting a tree is a great way to improve the air quality, improve the soil, support wildlife and reduce pollution.

Shop second hand 

Who knew shopping could be good for the environment? Shopping second hand prevents clothes from ending up in landfills and saves you money!

Schedule a donation pick up

At Thrift World we do free donation pick ups! You pick the time and we will come get your donation, big or small. 

Look and feel good this Earth Day by donating your unworn clothes to our donation pick up Omaha. This helps clothes stay out of landfills and keep our planet clean. Schedule a donation pickup and shop online today! 

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