How to make spring cleaning a breeze

As the weather starts to get warmer, people start to prepare for the change of season. Some people begin to shop for the spring fashion trends for 2022, while others begin to spring clean their homes. 

Spring cleaning your home can help remove dust, uncover any problems and get rid of items you no longer need. There is no exact time you should start spring cleaning, but you should block a few days from your schedule.

If you are spring cleaning your space anytime soon, here are some cleaning tips and how a donation pick up Omaha service can help.

Spring cleaning tips 

Create a plan

One mistake that many homeowners make when it comes to spring cleaning is not creating a plan. Just like anything else, you should create a plan to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed. Experts suggest you take a walk through your home’s interior and exterior to create a list of things you should do. Then, space out these tasks throughout a time period of weeks or months, depending on your availability. 

Get the whole family involved

People tend to put off spring cleaning because of the time it takes to clean the whole house. However, you can make spring cleaning a breeze if you get the whole household involved. Split the cleaning tasks in between the family. Give the kids easy tasks like vacuuming, dusting or sorting their toys. The adults can clean windows, move furniture, or reorganize drawers. 

Buy cleaning products ahead of time

There is nothing worse than when you are cleaning and run out of products. So before you even start your spring cleaning, do some shopping. Load up on the cleaning supplies you will need to deep clean your house. Common cleaning items include microfiber cleaning cloths, brushes, glass spray, carpet cleaners and dish soap. Do not forget to also pick up any storage containers for all the winter items you want to store. 

Organize your things 

A big part about spring cleaning is getting rid of items that no longer spark joy. The first way to start decluttering your home is by organizing your things. You want to categorize your items into recycling, store or give away. You should recycle any items that are broken. If you cannot part with items, then store them away. For things that you no longer need, then give them away. Thrift stores are always accepting clothing, furniture and household item donations. 

Schedule a donation pick up Omaha service

Once you have created a pile of items you want to donate, schedule a donation pick up. Thrift stores, like Thrift World, offer this service free of charge. Before you donate to a thrift store, make sure that items are bagged or boxed. This service makes it convenient for anyone who is short on time, cannot drive or has too many items. Do not forget that if you are hosting a yard sale, we can also pick up any items that do not sell. 

Choose the best donation pick up Omaha, Council Bluffs, and Independence, MO service. 

For all your donation pick up needs, choose Thrift World. Every donation you make helps a local nonprofit. Visit our website to schedule your donation pick up.

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