Coat trends

We’ve gotten a little taste of cold weather and a reminder of what bundling up in the colder months takes. If a coat is going to cover an outfit you spend hours deciding on, you might as well make sure it’s chic and comfortable. These coat trends will not take away from your outfit but add to it, which makes them perfect for the upcoming cold season. Shop these coat trends at a thrift store near you or thrift online!

Coat Trends

If your go-to puffer coat isn’t doing your outfit any justice, find out what other styles there are to help elevate your cold-weather outfit. This variety of outerwear provides a selection of warmth and coverage for when the weather is unpredictable. 


Shearling is usually a lining material for coats, but its shining moment has finally come! These coats have a soft and fuzzy exterior that provides a cozy look. Whether you want faux or real shearling both options are available to shop for. You can find these trendy pieces secondhand and rock this look all season long.


Check prints are always reliable. If you want a classic look that outshines the rest, herringbone is the print for you! This print consists of tiny chevrons that are weaved together. The versatility of the print makes this coat perfect for dressing up or down!


Leave an impression by wearing fur-trimmed coats this winter. These coats are elevating outfits and making fashion statements. If you want a vintage or modern look, you can achieve it with a thrifted fur-trimmed coat.


Everything leather is trending this fall. Carry on the trends by rocking a leather jacket or trench coat during the cooler months. Leather coats offer a sleek look no matter what is worn underneath. Wear black or a variety of lighter tones to make a statement.

Built-in scarves

Coats with built-in scarves are perfect for those who have to endure the coldest winters. Save the time and effort of pairing the perfect coat and scarf together and get the perfect all-in-one! These coats have the ability to dress up and elevate any outfit. This is the perfect coat to grab on the go because it will look good with almost anything!

Thrift online

Stay warm this fall and winter and stay on top of current trends by shopping secondhand at Thrift World! Shop our Thrift World locations around the Omaha Metro, Council Bluffs, Carroll and Kansas City! Can’t make it to a thrift store near you? Thrift online and browse our inventory today.

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