How to style high-top converse

This year has been all about microtrends, especially for footwear! We’ve seen cowboy boots, ballet flats and others all make their rounds of popularity. It’s time to give your most loved shoes a break and pull your high-top Converse out of the closet. Whether you have platform high-tops or the original ones, these iconic and classic shoes are fun and easy to style. Build a fashionable outfit from the bottom up by pairing almost anything with your favorite Chuck Taylor All Stars. Stay on top of current trends by shopping at thrift stores in KC, Omaha and Council Bluffs.

Origin of high-top Converse

Converse high-tops originated as a non-slip basketball shoe and eventually made their way to other industries and transformed into low tops. Low tops were a more casual version of the high-tops and were also very popular. Athletes loved Converse, but they also started to break their way into the music industry. Punk, hip-hop and eventually rock musicians could all be seen wearing Chuck Taylors. These shoes were affordable and casual, which made them appealing to anyone and everyone. 

Why are they so trendy?

Converse started out being a basic shoe that could be worn with almost anything. Although they have evolved to meet up with current fashion trends and expectations, they are still as trendy as ever. Whether you want a platform or leather shoe, Converse has options that cater to anyone's taste. These shoes are a timeless classic that has become a household staple. Platform high-top Converse are the current trend, and is predicted to last a while. 

What to wear

For day-to-day wear, Converse should be your go-to shoe! In warmer weather, a pair of biker shorts or a dress is an easy way to stay cool while also serving looks. To transition to fall, try pairing a skirt with your high-tops! It can be a mini, midi or maxi whichever you prefer. A current trend that not only makes your favorite shoes a little more comfortable is adding a pair of crew socks to your outfit! Pick a pair of classic white socks or add a neutral color to really stick with the fall vibe. For chillier days pants are easy to pair with Converse, jeans or trousers are a relaxed way to style these trendy shoes. The good thing about these classic and timeless sneakers is that they can essentially fit any aesthetic! Want a grunge look? A pair of black sheer tights with black high-tops will accomplish this look. A bright pair with fun patterned pants is perfect for a playful look.

Thrift Stores in KC

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