How to style leather during the fall

Leather is the latest streetwear and runway trend this fall! With the weather getting colder, leather is the perfect material to still look chic while also staying warm. Whether you want to rock head-to-toe leather or limit it to one piece per outfit, find out what to wear and how to wear it this season. Not sure where to find the perfect leather items for your closet? Shop at Thrift World Independence, Missouri and find secondhand leather to wear this fall season.

Why leather is trendy this fall

Leather remains to be a timeless classic and had never really gone out of style. Grunge, edgy and elegant are all different styles that are able to be accomplished with leather. Leather is perfect for transitioning from daytime to evening. If you have a daytime outfit but are short on time, throwing on a pair of leather pants or a leather jacket can instantly transform your look. Leather isn’t only being seen on the streets but on the runway. From neutrals to bold colors, this material can be worn all season long and from head to toe. In the summer, a pair of leather pants and a cropped tee with a pair of chunky sandals is a perfect look! For cooler days, add a leather jacket or blazer and a pair of booties to stay warm.

Thrift leather clothing

If you go to a thrift store for anything, make sure you make it worthwhile and get something leather. Finding secondhand leather anything is not only going to save you money but it will also be better quality! Buying genuine leather at a thrift store gives it an extended life in comparison to buying faux leather that will in time break down after wear and tear. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find some high-quality brands too! Shopping secondhand is a good option if genuine leather is what you’re searching for. It is important to note that if faux leather is what you desire, be careful and check tags! Even when bought secondhand, these pieces can still be a little on the pricey side, but they can still definitely be worth the investment since they can last a long time if treated properly.

Thrift World in Independence, Missouri

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