Why to thrift your Halloween costume

It’s officially spooky season and there’s nothing scarier than a bad Halloween costume! Plan ahead this year and be the best dressed at your Halloween parties. Shopping secondhand for your Halloween costume is a surefire way to save money while also adding authenticity and style to your look. Stuck on what to wear to your spooky festivities? Keep reading to get inspiration for costume ideas and learn where to thrift shop online!

History of Halloween

October 31st may be a normal day to some, but to those who celebrate it’s one of the spookiest nights of the year! The tradition of dressing up in costumes originates with the ancient Celtic festival called Samhain. During this festival, people would make bonfires and wear costumes to help scare away ghosts. This celebration would last until the 1st of November, which gradually led to the last day of October evolving into Halloween. This holiday now involves activities such as dressing up, trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving and more.

Why you should thrift your costume this year

Halloween only comes around once a year, so spending an arm and a leg on an expensive costume you will wear only once can be a bit excessive. Get the most bang for your buck by shopping secondhand for your costume this year. Whether you want a scary or trendy costume for your Halloween festivities, shop at a thrift store near you 

Costume ideas

If you’re sick of cutting two holes in a white sheet year after year, these costume ideas will save you from another ghastly encounter. 


Thanks to Barbiecore being a hot trend, pink isn’t a hard color to come by these days. To accomplish the Barbie look, put together your favorite pretty in pink outfit. Pink biker shorts and a matching top is a great start, add a matching pink jacket and legwarmers and your outfit is almost complete. Slick your hair back into a high ponytail and add a pair of chunky sneakers to finish off the look. 

Ross and Rachel

In need of a couple’s costume? We’ve got you covered. The iconic couple from “Friends” can make for a fun and easy-to-recreate couple’s costume. To complete Rachel's most iconic outfit, find a pair of black tights, a black mini skirt and a vintage shirt. Ross is known for wearing colorful button-downs and of course his monkey Marcel. 

Adam Sandler

If you need a quick and easy costume, this one is for you! Adam Sandler has iconic looks that just so happen to be easy to thrift. Find an oversized t-shirt and an oversized pair of basketball shorts, and then you can stop there and complete your outfit. If you want to add more, add a pair of sneakers and a puffy jacket. 

Thrift shop online

Look your best this Halloween! Save on iconic looks by shopping secondhand this spooky season. Shop our Thrift World locations around the Omaha Metro, Council Bluffs, Carroll and Kansas City! Can’t make it to a thrift store near you? Do your thrift shopping online by shopping our inventory

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