Harry Styles Concert Outfit Inspo

After a two-years of being rescheduled, Harry Styles is finally hitting the stage for the Love On Tour. The recent release of ‘Harry’s House’ has fans more excited than ever to see Harry take the stage in his glamorous outfits and sing the iconic songs we know and love. Whole concertgoers will be screaming songs from the top of their lungs. They will also be dressed to the nines. Harry Styles concerts have now become a fashion show for those who have had two years to draw inspiration and prepare their perfect concert attire. Shop for your concert look at the best thrift store in Omaha!

What to wear

It’s no secret that Harry Styles has an iconic stage presence and look! His outfits are captivating and are now the influence for many fans and their concert looks. From bright and bold colors to feathers and fringe, Harry Styles concerts and the fashion are anything but boring. If you have secured tickets to the Love On Tour, here’s some outfit inspo.


A staple look for Harry is a pantsuit set. Choose a bold, sparkly, or monochromatic set to make a statement at the show as the ultimate power move. 


I know what you’re thinking. Fringe? Although fringe is usually associated with country concerts and Harry Styles is far away from country music, this fun accessory is just what you need as a finishing touch. Add fringe to a vintage or custom jacket, long sleeves, or even pants for the perfect look!


If you’re a true fan, you know there are many fruit-inspired songs in Harry’s discography. From the most recent song Grapejuice to Cherry and Watermelon Sugar, there are many ways to incorporate it into your concert look. Whether it’s a piece of fruit-themed jewelry or a piece of clothing with fruit, make it unique and personal to you.


If Harry can wear the fun pants, so can you. The funkier, the better! Choose a pair with bright colors and bold patterns to stand out amongst the crowd of die-hard Harry Styles fans.


These feather throwbacks are back and ready to make a statement! Upgrade any outfit with this fun accessory. Harry’s concerts are known for being a sea of boas, so go all out and add this to any of your outfits. 

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