Vintage sunglasses trends

A vintage find is at the top of everyone's thrift store shopping list. Whether it’s a throwback shirt or accessory, wearing something from a decade before makes a statement and people want to take part in it. A pair of vintage sunglasses can elevate even the simplest of outfits. Visit our thrift shops in Independence, MO., and find out what vintage sunglasses trends were popular then and how to wear them now.

Vintage sunglasses trends

If you’re looking to add some vintage pieces to your wardrobe, a pair of shades might do the trick! They won’t overpower your entire outfit, but are sure to get a compliment from whoever you pass on the street. Not sure what to look for? Keep these retro trends in mind the next time you visit your favorite thrift store.

Cat eye

This smaller tapered frame gives a feminine feel to this vintage trend. The frame is bold and meant to stand out, making it a perfect fashion staple. The cat eye originated in the 1920s and was invented by Altina Schinasi Miranda, due to sunglasses lacking a feminine touch. Over time, the cat eye frame has taken on a slimmer shape as well as tinted lenses. This stunning frame is a fashion staple that gives women an everyday option for sunglasses. These shades pair well with Y2K fashion trends or something as simple as an oversized t-shirt.

Round lens

When thinking of round lens sunglasses, the first thing that comes to mind might be Elton John and his love for them. Men and women can both be found wearing these popular sunglasses. Rounded lenses are versatile and come in a variety of lens colors and styles, making them a great choice for any outfit and occasion. Not a fan of the round? Try other shapes like hexagons and make a fashion statement. These sunglasses are the perfect ode to the 70s! Wear them to a festival with some fringe to be a real style icon.


This style continues to be trendy, and it probably always will be. Whether you were inspired to get a pair from Tom Cruise sporting a pair in Top Gun or just love the versatility they provide, these sunglasses are fun and easy to dress up or down. Different colored lenses may change their look, but the style and shape remain the same to this day. To style these sunglasses, pair them with denim and feel confident in your new look. 

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