How to use Pinterest to thrift

If you’ve never been to a thrift store before, it can be a little overwhelming! Especially if you go in with no clue of what you might be looking for or where to look for it. It can be discouraging to hear others talk about their successful thrifting experiences while you leave empty-handed. Utilizing social media platforms such as Pinterest can help you plan what you hope to purchase and also figure out what areas of the store you should focus on! Visit the best thrift stores in Kansas City and shop for current trends!

What is Pinterest?

If you find visualizing your wardrobe helpful, then Pinterest is the social media platform for you! Pinterest consists of building out virtual bulletin boards that consist of images and videos for inspiration. Users are able to curate their own boards and discover others, which makes the experience full of visual content. Likes and repins on Pinterest are equivalent to likes and shares on Facebook or Twitter. Creating several boards is an easy way to keep interests or different inspirations separate while still allowing your followers to discover your boards.

How to use it?

Not sure what boards to create on your Pinterest account? Don’t worry, we have provided some ideas to get you started so you can hit the ground running and leave the thrift store with plenty of successful finds!


Looking for inspiration in current trends is always a good place to start! Trends that were once popular usually find their way back to the top of popularity once again. Shopping secondhand for trendy pieces is a budget-friendly and sustainable way to achieve stylish looks in your closet. 


Plan ahead! Each season, make a Pinterest board dedicated to the looks you hope to achieve. Fashion trends can change on the flip of a dime, which makes it hard to keep track of what is popular and trending. Find specific articles of clothing for each season and set your eyes on the prize! When you go thrift shopping you'll be able to look at specific sections like shirts, pants and colors to coordinate and achieve looks that caught your eye.

Specific pieces

If you are on the hunt for a specific article of clothing, make a Pinterest board for inspiration! Find ways to style the outfit and figure out what a different variation of each article of clothing might look like. When you step foot into the thrift store you’re going to be looking at everything, so make sure you know exactly what you want and where you're looking so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Best thrift stores in Kansas City

Step up your thrifting experience by shopping at the best thrift stores in Kansas City! Use Pinterest, make your store game-plan and get inspiration for outfits! Shop our locations in the Omaha Metro, Council Bluffs, Carroll and Kansas City! Can’t make it in-store? Do your thrift shopping online by shopping our inventory

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