Clean girl aesthetic

#CleanGirlAesthetic is all over TikTok for you pages recently. From outfits to home decor tips on how to seem put together are currently trending. This trend isn’t only about what you wear, but the aesthetic of what’s around you. A tidy home, healthy diet and active lifestyle can also play a role in achieving the clean girl aesthetic. Find out how you can shop secondhand for this trend at a thrift shop near me.

What is the clean girl aesthetic?

We all know that one girl. The one who always has everything together, looks like she just got fresh out of the shower and has a clean home and a routine. That’s the epitome of the clean girl aesthetic. Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber are celebrities that capture this trend perfectly. Their lifestyles are made up of routines and their fashion is on point with the minimalistic and put-together aesthetic a clean girl needs to achieve. 

How did it start?

Waking up, looking glowy and having your life put together doesn’t just happen overnight. So, how did this trend start? If scrolling through TikTok isn’t an everyday activity for you, then this trend may be new to you. For those who find themselves endlessly scrolling for hours on end seeing girls with dewy skin and slicked-back buns is not a new sight. This low-effort trend is based on iconic looks from Hailey Bieber, Zoe Kravitz and Bella Hadid. They embrace the no-makeup look, which some love and others hate. 

How to achieve this look?

This look is considered to be minimalistic and has a no makeup look. The best part is you get to be comfortable! Change out of your pajamas and put on your cute sweat set and go to brunch with the gals. The next must-have for this look is a slick-back bun. If you’ve been scrolling on TiikTok then you know this is debatably the most important part. Pair your sweat set and bun with some gold jewelry and you’re good to go! Less is definitely more when it comes to this fashion trend. The clean girl aesthetic can also be reflected throughout your home! A modern and stylish theme is a go-to look and is easily accomplished through neutral tones, minimalistic, sleek and functional. This trend can be budget friendly but give off expensive vibes. Find your favorite shop to Thrift near me and find all of your clean girl essentials.

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