Last-minute gift ideas for your friends and family

Although Christmas is the same time every year, many of us still manage to buy gifts on time. Sometimes the hardest thing about shopping for your family is finding the perfect gift that they don’t already own. Check out this list of gift ideas for everyone in your life that you can find at your local thrift store or order on thrift websites


If you have a family member or friend who likes to cook in their pastime, why not give them vintage kitchenware. Enameled metal vintage kitchenware is becoming popular again. The popularity of these pieces has caused prices of these items to skyrocket. 

Some vintage kitchenware that many collectors are looking for is Pyrex storage containers, Le Creuset Dutch Oven and enameled metal kitchenware. You can find these cheap last minute presents at your local thrift store in great condition and at amazing prices. 


Finding a gift for a sports lover that they do not already have is challenging. It is not impossible, though! Skip the retail stores and head to your favorite thrift store. There you can find vintage and rare sports items that they do not have in their collections. 

Some useful sports items that make great gifts include sweaters, hoodies and jackets. You can always check thrift websites for vintage sports items, like autographed photos, balls, cards and posters. 


Nowadays, many kids are spending most of their time in front of screens. Due to the pandemic, many classes have shifted online and caused kids to double their time on digital devices. A study found that 49 percent of kids spend six hours or more plugged in

You can help give your kids a break from the screens and boost their creativity by buying them vintage toys, books and games. These kinds of games encourage kids to use their imagination that helps them develop problem-solving and self-regulation skills


Fashion comes and goes. Many of the trends you see today were once popular. Thrifting has become a great way to find vintage and original pieces of clothing, shoes and handbags. If you need a gift for a fashionista, try thrifting cheap last minute presents. 

You can find unique fashion pieces at your local thrift store or thrift websites. Items that make great gift ideas include leather jackets, sweaters, designer handbags and shoes. Be on the lookout for designer pieces that retail for hundreds of dollars. 


Skip the heart-shaped jewelry this year. Give your significant other a jewelry gift that is unique as they are by thrifting your jewelry. Thrift stores have a full selection of jewelry that complements any style and budget

You can find a necklace for their unique pendant or a ring that matches their set. Thrifting jewelry can save money instead of buying marked-up jewelry. To find the best deal, look out for the weight and feel of the jewelry.


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