Budget-friendly holiday decoration ideas

Decking out the halls of your home for the holidays does not mean blowing your budget. You can get that Instagram worthy home without spending much. 

The two secrets to staying under budget are thrifting and finding budget friendly Christmas decorations ideas. Before you search thrift near me, we want to share a few inexpensive holiday decor ideas.


If you are the type of person, who likes to decorate every corner of their home, create a TikTok inspired ornament arch. This DIY requires three things: lots of ornaments, chicken wire and some patience. 

All you need to do is cut and stick the chicken wire where you want the arch to go. Then clip your ornaments to the arch in whatever pattern you desire. Then, enjoy! Here is a full video tutorial for more reference


You have probably seen Instagram or Pinterest holiday decorations that include cute glitter animal decor. They probably range from deers, bears to penguins. Instead of paying full price, create one of these budget friendly Christmas decorating ideas. 

You can make yourself some whimsical animals by upcycling old animal figures you can find in a thrift store. Buy some deer and then spray paint them to fit your Christmas decor. For example, you can paint them white and then sprinkle some glitter for some fun. 


The holidays are when friends and family members have meals together. You can make your dinner table cozier with a candle Christmas centerpiece.

All you need to create a cozy centerpiece is an old plate, three candle holders of different heights, three candles and ball ornaments. You can buy these items at a thrift near me. 

To create a centerpiece: 

  1. Spray paint the items to fit your color scheme
  2. Use a plate of your choice 
  3. Glue the three candle holders onto the plate
  4. Place the candles of your selection on the holders
  5. Finally, add the ball ornaments around the candle holders


Are you looking to make your home a little more festive for your family? Set up a hot chocolate bar. This sweet bar can give your kitchen some holiday cheer and allow you to make hot drinks. The handy thing about this idea is that you do not need to buy new items. 

You can reuse an old side table, add a festive tablecloth and your coffee maker. Then decorate the table with mason jars that contain your spoons, hot chocolate packets, marshmallows, sugar and candy. Do not forget to display all your holiday-themed mugs. 


If your Christmas theme for this year is whimsical, make some light decorations. These holiday decorations can add a pop of lights without the string mess. All you need are mason jars, vases, bottles and fairy lights. To find budget-friendly and unique containers, head to your favorite thrift store. Then all you need to do is add the lights into your containers to have whimsical light decorations. 


It is no secret that thrift stores have budget-friendly holiday decorations. They have a full range of items for your interior and exterior. These items can save you some major crafting time. However, for those crafty decorators, there are also everyday items that you upcycle to use this holiday season. 


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