Fitness outfits for hot girl walks

If you're not scrolling TikTok the moment your head hits the pillow, then you might not know about this trend. “Hot Girl Walk” is a current health and wellness trend making its way to the forefront of every For You page. To feel confident in your new fitness endeavor, you need a killer outfit! After all, if you look good you do better, right? While you’re scrolling TikTok for hot girl walk inspiration, try thrift shopping online and place an order with Thrift World.

What are hot girl walks?

Hot girl summer is a term that was coined by Megan Thee Stallion, meaning to live your best life and be confident in who you are. So what is a hot girl walk? Thanks to Mia or TikToker @exactlyliketheothergirls, who is credited with creating the hot girl walk, this form of exercise is meant to boost confidence while also leading an active lifestyle. The goal of hot girl walks is to eliminate toxic diet culture in order to shed a few pounds. These walks are implemented in order to help women reflect, and boost confidence while enjoying the great outdoors. These walks help transform not only physical appearance but improve mental health.

How do you do a hot girl walk?

A hot girl walk requires no equipment other than comfy shoes and a positive mindset. During these four-mile walks, you have to think about what you’re grateful for, how hot you are, and what goals you want to achieve. This walk isn’t about weight loss, but it’s one of the benefits for sure. The ability to gain confidence and focus on your goals is the main benefit.

Outfit ideas

Being comfortable and looking good is key! Here are some outfit ideas for your next hot girl walk.

Biker shorts

We all know the iconic outfit Princess Diana wore with the crewneck and biker shorts. She probably did hot girl walks before they were even a thing, and if that isn’t inspiration, enough I don’t know what is! Biker shorts are perfect to pair with a comfy sweatshirt, sports bra or anything in between. 

Matching sets

You don’t have to save your matching set for the gym! You can wear it on your walk too! Feel confident and look great while doing it with a matching athleisure. From sweatsuits to leggings, pick a color, and the world is your oyster. You can mix and match or go the monochromatic route!

Tennis skirts

If you don’t find yourself on the tennis court, you can still rock a tennis skirt! Tennis skirts are trending, and the perfect time to break them out is for your hot girl walk. Tennis skirts can be preppy and sporty. Whatever your vibe is, you can wear this skirt on and off the court.

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