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Article: Coastal Grandma Outfit Guide

Coastal Grandma Outfit Guide

Coastal Grandma Outfit Guide

This year has been jam-packed and full of different fashion trends. From Y2K to coastal grandmother, there is quite the range when it comes to what’s trending. This summer is all about being comfortable and chic. The coastal grandma trend accomplishes just that! Breezy materials and oversized linens are essential to completing this look. Try thrift shopping online to find secondhand pieces to create this summer trend.

What is the coastal grandma trend?

This trend isn’t only about the outfit, it’s also a lifestyle. While styling loose and breathable clothing to fully embrace this trend you will also be sipping fresh-squeezed orange juice while basking in the view of the beach, or, if you’re not near the coast, your backyard. To take part in this trend you don’t have to reside on the coast, and being a grandmother is also not a requirement for the lifestyle or fashion. 

Inspiration for the trend

Thanks to TikTok, the east coast grandmother is the newest fashion trend of the summer. If a day by the beach isn’t in the cards for you, try a linen breezy outfit at the farmers market to get the full experience. Diane Keaton has been dubbed the original coastal grandmother, specifically her aesthetic in the movie Something’s Gotta Give. This laid-back and luxurious style is easy to accomplish by thrift shopping online with a few staple pieces. 

Staple outfit pieces


Comfortable and breezy materials are ideal for a relaxing day walking along the beach or reading a book outside. Linen is chic and perfect for warmer days. Linen pants, shirts, or even a matching set are ideal for a relaxed yet sophisticated look.

Shirt dresses

This option is perfect for any occasion! Dress it up or down while wearing it to a brunch or hosting a wine night with the girls. This everyday dress is loose-fitting and is a more comfortable option in comparison to other trends. 

Light colors

In order to achieve the coastal grandmother look and lifestyle, light colors are a necessity. After all, most grandmas aren’t rocking bold neons and outlandish patterns. Drinking your morning coffee in a neutral outfit is the epitome of this trend. Beachy colors included blue and muted hues. Prints aren’t very popular, except for stripes that might make an appearance on a button-down shirt or matching pajama set.

Comfortable denim

Straight-leg and bootcut styles of denim are popular jean trends among Gen Z and are being implemented in the coastal grandmother look. Light wash or white denim is a great staple piece to incorporate into this look. 

Bucket hat

While lounging beachside, it’s only smart to have a bucket hat, not only to look chic but also to protect your skin from the sun. Bucket hats are the perfect accessory to spice up any neutral outfit while still sticking to the iconic color palate. 

Thrift shopping online

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