What to thrift for a wedding

Weddings can come with a big price tag if everything is bought brand new. If you have a Pinterest board with every aspect of your future wedding planned out then you might not have considered thrifting for your wedding before. Thrifting for your wedding can be a good option to not only save money but to discover unique finds to incorporate into your special day! Here are some ways to incorporate thrift store finds and how to thrift your wedding items.

How to thrift your wedding

Secondhand jewelry 

Brides and bridesmaids can benefit from buying secondhand jewelry! Whether you want it as a backup just in case something goes wrong, or as a statement piece to finish the final outfit, thrifted jewelry can save you money in the long run. Some pieces to look for when thrifting include tiaras, hairpins, brooches, barrettes, necklaces and earrings. Save the maid of honor from an emotional breakdown and thrift some backups just in case.

Picture Frames

Picture frames can be used in many different ways at a wedding. Whether you want to use it to number off tables, give directions to guests, or display photos, a vintage frame can pull it off. New frames can be very pricey in comparison to shopping secondhand. Get the most bang for your buck by thrifting vintage frames and incorporating them in many ways!


From candles to florals, a vase is the perfect way to display this decor! Vases aren’t cheap when buying them brand new. Stock up on a variety of styles, sizes and shapes while thrifting and make a statement with your centerpieces!


Let's be honest, table linens that are going to leave stained with whatever dish you decide to serve aren’t worth splurging on. Shop secondhand for table linens and save a couple of bucks. When you look over and see spillage on your linens during the Macarena, you won't have to worry about getting them dry cleaned. 


Buying furniture for your reception or cocktail hour can be expensive. Finding wood or plastic furniture is the way to go and it is usually priced reasonably! You can use these chairs for guests during your wedding, cocktail hour and the reception. 


The bouquet and fresh flowers for a wedding can be the most expensive purchase made. Shopping secondhand for florals can help you save money and they’re clean-up friendly. Whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor wedding, artificial flowers are affordable and still look amazing. As a wedding favor, you can give guests the faux arrangements as a reminder of your special day!


When thrifting dishes, mixing and matching dishware for each guest can be a fun personal touch. Another money-saving tip is to save the dishware after the wedding and so you have plenty for when you host your next gathering.

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