Elevated loungewear

Would you rather dress for comfort or style? How about both! Styling your loungewear to look more chic is a great way to stay comfortable but exude confidence in your outfit. Elevated loungewear is trending and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Get out your favorite pair of leggings and modernize by pairing them with a pair of heels or a blazer. Our team at Thrift World is going to break down this trend and recommend other ways to incorporate it into your day-to-day life.

What is elevated loungewear?

Mixing casual and chic pieces of clothing is the core of elevated loungewear. If you need ideas on what to wear to accomplish this trend, don’t worry we’ve got you covered with lots of ideas that you can find at a thrift store near you.

Outfit ideas

With this trend it’s easy to take pieces you already have in your wardrobe and transform them. If you find yourself needing extra items, thrifting at a thrift store near you is the way to go! It’s sustainable and you never know what gems you might come across. For the base of your outfit, pick out your favorite leggings, matching sweat set or anything you find yourself lounging around in. Next is the fun part, pairing your comfy clothes with your favorite upscale pieces!


This closet staple can dress up virtually any outfit. Adding a blazer over a hoodie with a pair of leggings and your favorite pair of booties or mules is a fun and easy way to create a comfy and modern outfit.

Wool coat

Adding a wool coat to a sweatsuit is an easy way to add warmth and a sophisticated touch to your casual outfit. Add a pair of heels or funky sneakers to complete your look and you’re ready to take on the day!


If you live in a warmer climate, or layers aren’t your thing, heels are a great way to update your comfy-casual look. Heels can work with leggings, comfy material pants or even a matching sweatsuit. 


If you want to wear sweats but give off a chic vibe, wearing monochromatic colors is an easy way to accomplish this look. Neutral colors are fashionable and easy to match. Going for a more dressy look? Find a pair of brown leather pants and pair them with a brown hoodie and a brown puffer vest. For a more comfy look, do any color sweat set with a pair of matching sneakers with a matching puffer jacket.

Thrift store near you

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