UGGs are back and trending

Y2K has been a fashion trend on the comeback. While some like the iconic 2000s fashion trends, others find themselves wishing these fashion pieces never became popular in the first place. UGG fleece-lined boots can be quite controversial in the fashion world. These are the perfect casual shoes that can transform a comfy outfit or make a bold outfit even bolder. Save while rocking today’s biggest trends by shopping secondhand! Find a thrift store near you and shop sustainably.

What are UGGs?

UGGs weren’t intended to be a winter fashion staple. They were first produced in 1978 by Brian Smith, who initially designed the boot for surfers to wear. The mid-80’s was when UGGs became more known for beach culture and now everyone is wearing these sheepskin boots. Whether you are looking to achieve a comfy vibe or are wanting to stay warm during the winter months, UGGs are a great shoe option and have continually shown they can stand the test of time.

Trending UGGs

Get out your UGGs from Middle School, they’re trendy again! If you happened to lose faith in your fashion sense then no worries! Save your wallet the financial strain and thrift your next pair! Not sure what kinds of UGGs to look for? We’ve got you covered. UGG Slippers and boots are big in the fashion world right now. Whether you want to stay home or hit the streets and be comfy, these shoes are a great option! Have a pair of tall UGGs you’re not sure what to do with? Wait until next year for the happenstance that the tall UGG trend comes back around, or repurpose them and make them short! 

How to style

Most of us are having major middle school and high school flashbacks because of this trend. If you keep seeing visions of yoga pants with a thick printed band and then you get the ick, then you’ve evolved. Styling your UGGs doesn’t have to be stressful! Remember not to overcomplicate it, start off with a plain white crew sock. Other style tricks include pairing your UGGs with baggy denim. This will give off a casual but stylish look that can go with any top. 

Shopping secondhand 

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