Oversized blazers from workwear to streetwear

It seems like nowadays workwear is getting more casual while streetwear is getting more chic. Oversized blazers are the perfect example of streetwear getting a style upgrade. Staying comfortable is still a goal when it comes to picking out what to wear, but looking good and feeling good is also important. Oversized blazers are a perfect year-round piece to keep in your closet. This fall, use it as a layering piece and as a jacket on chilly days. Stay on top of current trends by thrift shopping online. 

Oversized blazer trend

Blazers hold the power to elevate any look! Thanks to Hailey Bieber, oversized blazers are a signature look. Blazers are often associated with workwear and making appearances in a corporate 9-5 job. This is no longer the circumstance, blazers are being paired with everything! Common pairings range from graphic tees to biker shorts; the possibilities really are endless. 

The oversized blazer first became popular in the 1980s. This was an office staple and the original design had lots of structure and padding. Blazers were referred to as the power suit, and if you’ve worn one you can’t help but agree. Oversized looks are trending and not only when it comes to blazers! Oversized jeans and tees are all the craze when it comes to streetwear. 

Finding these stylish overcoats might not be as hard as you think. Since these were as stylish as they were in the ‘80s, finding them secondhand at thrift stores is always an option. If you have the time and ambition to search through racks of clothes, you might be able to find the blazer of your dreams.

How to style oversized blazers

Blazers aren’t just meant to wear during working hours! Wear your power suit whenever and wherever.


Oversized blazers and a pair of high-waisted trousers will always be a classic look. Mixing colors and patterns will give this outfit an edge and give it a sense of your own personality! Accessorize with a pair of chunky gold hoops and a pair of loafers.

A more casual work option is an oversized blazer, a basic tee and a pair of black denim jeans. This is a versatile outfit because you can mix and match as you wish. Make this as dressy or casual as you want. 

For those who like to dress up more for work, this is for you! A fitted dress or midi skirt with an oversized blazer is a perfect professional outfit. Build on your look with a pair of heeled booties or block heels and you will look cute but feel comfy while on the job!


Get creative with your outfits! Mix athletic wear with chic pieces. Celebrities have been spotted pairing biker shorts and oversized blazers all season long. 

Another style tip includes pairing a blazer with a casual shirt or graphic tee. You can rock a mix of comfortable and chic while still looking put together. Pair with leggings, trousers or jeans and your favorite pair of sneakers.  

Thrift shopping online

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