What to do with your decorations after Christmas?

For Christmas, many people buy holiday decorations from thrift stores and retail stores to deck the halls of their homes. These decorations include Christmas trees, lights, inflatables and ornaments. 

Once the holiday season is over, many people toss these decorations into the trash. They do not know that these items will sit in the landfill for many years. 

This year take a more responsible approach with your decorations. Here is what to do with holiday decorations and where you can find donation drop off Omaha NE locations. 

Why you should not toss your Christmas decorations

A lot of trash accumulates during the holiday season. A report shows that Americans throw away 25 percent more trash during the holiday season than any other time of the year. That means that during Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, Americans produce 25 million extra tons of garbage. 

One way to reduce this amount of waste is by not tossing your Christmas decorations into the trash after the holiday season is over. Instead, look for more sustainable ways to get rid of those decorations.

What to do with decorations after Christmas

Store your Christmas decorations for next year

Some people love collecting Christmas and Halloween decorations they can reuse every year. Consider storing your decorations if you invest lots of time and money into these items. By keeping these items, you get the opportunity to reuse them for next year. 

Consider buying storage containers that will protect your ornaments, lights and artificial trees. Place these items in separate boxes so they do not get damaged or broken. Be sure to label or buy distinctive color containers. You can store these containers in your garage, attic or closets. 

Recycle your broken Christmas decorations

One of the best ways to reduce waste is by recycling. Most of the holiday decorations are recyclable, even your Christmas tree. You can take your natural Christmas tree to a recycling center. At these locations, Christmas trees get recycled to create mulch, sand and even bird feeders. 

This service is free in most states after the holiday season. You can also recycle your broken or faulty Christmas lights. Hardware stores and local waste services accept Christmas lights. Be sure to contact these locations beforehand. 

Donate your Christmas decorations to thrift stores

Did your current holiday decorations no longer fit your home’s style? Do you have no room to store those holiday decorations? Instead of tossing the items out, consider donating items to a thrift store with donation drop off Omaha NE locations. 

This option ensures that the decorations get reused and do not sit in landfills. Most holiday decorations nowadays are made of plastic. This material is nonbiodegradable and can sit in landfills for years. Thrift stores save these items from landfills so they can get reused. 

Are you looking for a donation drop off in Omaha NE?

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