Thrift World Council Bluffs Store Opening

Council Bluffs, Iowa - Thrift World is pleased to announce the grand opening of our new location in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The grand store opening will be held on March 5, 2021, at 9 a.m.. 

“Thrift World is thrilled to be in the Council Bluffs market, “ said Steven Stark, CEO of Thrift World. “We have had over 500 employee applications, and hundreds of questions about our opening date.”

Thrift World Council Bluffs is the sixth Thrift World in the Midwest region. It will appeal to shoppers who want to limit their impact on the environment by purchasing reusable items and donating unwanted items. 

The selection of merchandise will appeal to people of all ages and budgets. There will be a selection of clothing, accessories, furniture, electronics and household items. 

Thrift World Council Bluffs will be accepting item donations at our store, donation bins that are located around Iowa and through our at home donation pick-up service. All item donations will support local nonprofits and charities. 

The store is located at 2917 W Broadway Council Bluffs, IA, behind the Village Inn. 


Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Thrift World is a for-profit thrift store business that promotes recycling and re-use of used clothing, accessories and other household goods in partnership with nonprofit organizations. Thrift world is actively engaged in growing its retail store presence while raising awareness and support for our nonprofit partners, diverting more waste from landfills and creating more local jobs.

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