Four thrifting tips that you need to know

Thrifting has skyrocketed into popularity in recent years. Associate of Resale Professionals found that one in five Americans will thrift at least once during the year. Some of the generations that are known to thrift more include Millennials and Gen Z. 

Reports found that these two generations have adopted secondhand items 2.5 times faster than other generations. Before searching for thrift near me, learn why people continue to thrift and some thrifting tips to help you find the best finds!


There are plenty of reasons why many people thrift. Some people like to save some money on clothing and want to skip paying the full retail prices. While others like to thrift to find vintage pieces of clothing and furniture that they cannot find anywhere else. 

Besides saving money and finding unique finds, people thrift to save the planet. Thrift stores give people the opportunity to buy used clothing and recycle them. This action helps slow down the demand for new clothing that can pollute the environment. ThredUP reports that 77 percent of Millenials prefer to buy from environmentally friendly brands. 


There is no right or wrong time to thrift. 

Although the internet swears that you should only thrift shop on certain days, it is not always true. Thrift stores - like Thrift World - put new items on the floor every day. Our stores have weekly tag specials that range from 50 percent off to .98 cents. If that was not enough, we also have special discount days for seniors, military personnel, first responders and teachers. 

Draw inspiration from social media. 

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the thrift store options available. There are a lot of options to choose from. You can narrow down your options by doing a little research beforehand. Many online thrifters use social media to get thrifting inspiration. Explore Pinterest and Instagram to find outfits and home decor you would like to recreate. 

Do not forget about the men’s section. 

One of the best thrifting tips from thrifters is looking beyond the women's clothing section. You should never underestimate the men's section at thrift stores. In this section, you can find high-rise jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and even jackets that can complete your style. 

Look for high-quality materials 

Finding the best thrifting finds takes time and lots of patience. However, knowing what to look for will make your thrifting a whole lot easier. One pro thrifting tip is looking for high-quality materials. These pieces of clothing will age really well with time and are considered to be classic. Some materials that you should look for include silk, cashmere, velvets, cotton-based denim and cotton. 


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