Thrift store holiday gift ideas for kids

There is nothing more exciting than seeing the face your kids make when they open their Christmas gifts. Before you get to see that, you have to do a little holiday shopping. 

Shopping for gifts is a tedious task, especially if you want to stay within budget and find something eco-friendly. If these are two important things for you, shop at the best thrift stores in Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa this year. 

Our team wants to share with you why shopping at a thrift store is beneficial for you and some holiday gift ideas for kids. 

Why should you buy your kids holiday gifts at a thrift store? 

Buying the best gift for your kids can be expensive and harmful to the environment. If you want to save money and the planet, the best option is to shop at a thrift store. 

A Statista survey found that 24 percent of respondents plan to spend $50 to $100 on Christmas gifts per child. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly way to shop and still get a quality gift, head to a thrift store. These stores have a wide selection of kids' toys, apparel and accessories at discounted prices. 

Aside from saving you money, thrifting helps to save the environment. Thrift stores carry a variety of secondhand items that make great gifts. Buying secondhand items helps save items from landfills where they can sit there for years and release harmful chemicals to the environment. 

Holiday gift ideas for kids that you can buy at a thrift store 


One of the top items on any kids’ Christmas list is toys. From dolls to race cars, kids love all kinds of toys. Before you head to a retail store to buy the new trendy toy, consider buying one from a thrift store instead. 

90 percent of all toys are made of plastic, which causes a problem with the environment. When toys are tossed in landfills, they can sit there for years because most plastics are not biodegradable. Buying a toy secondhand saves it from ending up in landfills and allows another child to enjoy it!

Video games and gaming consoles 

Do you have a little gamer in your family? Surprise them this holiday season with a video game or gaming console. Instead of buying one from a retail store, buy it from the best thrift stores in Kansas. These stores carry discounted video games for all systems, and who knows, you might find them a vintage console.

Thrifted video games and consoles are inexpensive and help reduce e-waste. According to the UN’s Global E-waste monitor, 4.7 million tons of e-waste were generated by small IT products, including gaming consoles.

Game boards and puzzles 

On average, an American kid spends five to seven hours a day in front of a screen. Whether that is playing video games, watching TV or scrolling through an iPad. If you want to help your kids reduce their screen time, give them a gift that requires no screens, like board games or puzzles. 

You can find a bunch of these items at thrift stores for discounted prices. If you are lucky, you might even find a board game that you used to play with as a kid. These gifts can help reduce screen time and put your kids' problem-solving skills to the test. 

Dolls and accessories

If your little one has a doll on their Christmas list this year, consider thrifting one. Thrift stores have a wide variety of dolls that your kid will love. You can find Barbies, Bratz, Cabbage Patch, and even American Girl dolls in these stores. Buying them secondhand can save you money. For example, American Girl dolls cost around $115 in retail stores. Do not forget to also look for accessories like clothes and furniture. 

Visit the best thrift stores in Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. 

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