Thrift store gift ideas for men

Shopping for a dad, husband, brother or grandfather is easier said than done. They often do not express what kind of gifts they would like to receive. It can leave you in the dark and struggling to find a thoughtful gift. 

Save yourself the stress and head to the best thrift stores in Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri. These stores have tons of items, from holiday gift ideas for kids to men. Take a look at why you should thrift a gift this year and some holiday gift ideas for men. 

Why should you buy a thrifted gift this year?

The pandemic has caused a supply chain crisis. This year, the high demand for certain products, supply chain delays and material shortage can make holiday shopping harder. However, shopping at a thrift store can help you stay within your budget and get gifts on time. 

Even if you cannot find what you are planning on buying, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Plus, shopping at a thrift store helps save the environment. It helps reduce the demand for new items and stops textile waste. 

Holiday gift ideas for men that you can buy at a thrift store 

Vintage watches

Instead of buying a smartwatch for that special man in your life, consider buying a vintage watch instead. These watches are timeless and never go out of style. They are also considered a good return on investment. Some vintage watches have gone up in value over the years. 


If you are looking for a gift for a big sports fan, you cannot go wrong with sports gear or memorabilia. Thrift stores have tons of sports items from all different leagues. You can buy them a sweater, hoodie, jacket, photocards or even signed photos. The cool thing is that you can even find rare items that are no longer sold in stores. 

Vinyl records or record player

For the music lover in your life, buy them a vinyl record or record player. You can find both of these items at your favorite thrift stores at incredible prices. During your thrift, you might get lucky and find a vinyl record of their favorite artist or band. 

Film camera 

Although most of us use our phones to capture special moments in our life, there are people who still enjoy the look of film cameras. If you have a man in your life who likes taking pictures, consider gifting them a film camera. Save yourself money and buy one from a thrift store. They carry a wide variety of working film cameras at affordable prices.


For the businessman in your life, buy them a tie. This accessory is something they can get lots of use from if they have tons of meetings to attend on or offline. Since ties are normally made of silk, they can be quite expensive. Save yourself some money, and thrift one. Thrift stores carry lots of vintage ties, so you can find one that fits your man’s personality. 

Shop at the best thrift stores in Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri!

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