Six tips for thrifting books

When you go thrifting, what sections of the store do you usually browse? The women’s clothing section or perhaps the dishware section? Well, one section you should not overlook is the book section. 

Thrift stores, like ours, carry a wide variety of books for all ages and tastes. The best thing about thrifting books is that you will not break your bank and will find a book you probably cannot find online.

Do you want to start thrifting for books? Our online book thrift store team shares these six tips on how to thrift for books like a pro.


A good strategy to use when thrifting for books is searching by authors. If you have a certain author that you love, scan the shelves for their name. Who knows, you might find the first edition of their work or even a book that is not available online. A good rule of thumb is to keep a list of all your favorite authors on your phone for your next thrifting trip.


Books are fragile. Spills, marks and weather can ruin the cover or pages of the book. When thrifting for books, you want to take into consideration their condition. When thrifting books, some things to look out for are detached spines, pen marks, mildew, stains, or even missing pages. 


Unlike retail book stores, books at thrift stores are not sectioned out by best sellers or trending books. Sometimes you might even pick up a book with no summary in the back. Under these conditions, finding out if the book is worth the read can be hard. One thing you can do when you find an interesting book is look up its online reviews. By searching the book's title online, you can probably find a review and rating on the book. 


Aside from visiting your favorite local thrift store, do not forget to check if they have an online thrift store. Some thrift stores, like Thrift World, have an online store where you can find items not available in stores. These online stores carry collectible and vintage books at affordable prices without ever having to leave your home.


Aside from reading, books also serve the function of decor. So if you find a book that looks pretty but is missing pages inside or maybe has the least interesting story, buy it for decor. When thrifting for books to use for decor, consider these things:

  • The cover’s condition
  • The size of it
  • Colors

If you are unsure of how to work that vintage book into your existing space, check out some Pinterest boards that will inspire you.


There is nothing more satisfying than adding another book to your collection. However, what do you do when you no longer have room? Instead of tossing out your old books, consider donating them. Donating books to a thrift store helps reduce waste and gives books another life. Who knows, that book might be the one a book collector is looking for. 

Are you looking for an online book thrift store?

Check out Thrift World’s website. We have an online store stocked with collectible and vintage items you cannot find anywhere else. If you cannot find something online, find one of our thrift stores near you here. 

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