Back-to-school thrift shopping tips

Back-to-school thrift shopping tips

Did you know that August is Back-to-School Month? This whole month is dedicated to preparing kids, parents and teachers for the new school year. This process includes meeting teachers and tackling that shopping list. 

When shopping for back-to-school this year, do not forget about the value that thrift stores Independence Missouri locations can offer. Here is why you should do back-to-school shopping at thrift stores and what items you can find there.

Why should you back-to-school shop at thrift stores? 

Back-to-school shopping can be expensive, especially if you have a few kids returning to school. The good news is that thrift stores can help you save money and still get high-quality items. These kinds of stores have affordable prices and even offer special sales. You can even find high-quality items that will withstand whatever your kids are doing at school.

Another reason to thrift back-to-school essentials is to help save the environment. Your kids outgrow clothes very quickly. That means your kids might only get a couple of months of wear out of their clothes before having to buy new ones. Thrift stores allow you to donate your kids' clothes and buy new ones. Donating instead of tossing unwanted clothes helps reduce textile waste and the demand for new clothes

Back-to-school items you can find at thrift stores


Kids grow fast, which means there is a high chance your kids' clothes from last year will no longer fit them. Buying your kid a whole new wardrobe for school can be expensive, instead of paying full price for clothes that their kids will outgrow in a year, thrift them. 

Thrift stores Independence Missouri locations carry a full range of kids' clothes. These stores have clothes for everyone, from the tiny preschooler to the graduating senior. Here is a list of clothing you can find at thrift stores: 

  • Jeans

  • T-shirts

  • Sweaters

  • Hoodies 

  • Jackets

  • Shorts 

  • Skirts

  • Dresses


Just as fast as kids grow out of their clothes, they can also outgrow their shoes. Kids need to have shoes that fit them correctly otherwise, this will cause discomfort, poor development or foot problems. Buying a new pair of shoes can also be expensive. 

The good news is thrift stores carry kids' shoes at an affordable price. They have comfy tennis shoes for everyday wear, flats for picture day and even boots for those chilly autumn days. Do not forget to also bring in those pairs of shoes that no longer fit your kid.


Reading is an important part of a kid’s development, especially if they are just learning. It takes a lot of practice for them to develop this skill. That is why experts recommend that your kids spend at least 20 minutes a day reading. To keep your kids excited about reading, you need more books. You can find lots of affordable books at thrift stores. They have books for all reading levels. 


Whether your kid is doing remote schooling or going to a classroom, they will need somewhere to do their homework. Creating a workspace for your kid will help them stay focused and increase their productivity. If your kid does not have their space, create one for them with thrifted furniture. Thrift stores carry inexpensive pieces of furniture like tables, desks and chairs you can use to create a workspace.

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