What to do with your leftover estate sale items?

Estate sales are a convenient way to sell large amounts of items in a small period of time. However, planning one is not a walk in the park. There is a lot to consider, like what items will be on sale, which days will you hold it, who will host it and what happens to estate sale leftovers? 

Our donation pick up Omaha NE team has answered these frequently asked estate sale questions to help you plan a successful estate sale. 


Estate sales are a way to sell all or most of the home’s items. These sales usually last between two to three days. Think of this sale as a large yard or garage sale

People tend to hold estate sales before a move, when a family member dies, divorce, bankruptcy or downsizing. The profits of an estate sale usually go to the owners, banks, charities or family members of the deceased. 


The first step to hosting an estate sale is choosing the location. Will you host it in your house or a family member's property? This sale can be hosted by yourself, family members or a company you hired. Next, you need to decide which items you are going to sell, price the items and take inventory of them.

On the day of the estate, give people a number to come into the property. Limiting the number of people avoids overcrowding and allows you to help the people better. Once people are inside the property, they can browse and shop. 

If they find items they want to purchase, they must carry items until they are ready to pay. For things that are too large to hold, customers will let you know they want to buy them, so you can mark them as sold. 

People can also place bids on items that they do not want to pay the marked price on. Bids are placed at the end of the sale. However, items can be sold if people are willing to pay a marked price. 


You can toss or recycle items

When sorting through your estate sale leftovers, ask yourself if the items work or if you should gift them? If you say, no to both questions, then toss or recycle items. You should only toss items that are not recyclable. Tossing items in landfills, like appliances and electronics, are harmful to the environment.  Check your local recycling center to see which items they accept. 

You schedule a donation pick up

If you did find items that are worth donating to a thrift store, schedule a donation pick up Omaha NE service. This service is available by certain thrift stores. It saves you the time having to rent a truck to take items to donation bins. Before scheduling your donation pick up, make sure all items are packed and bagged. That will make it easier for donation drivers to load items. Also, be sure to check to see which items are accepted by thrift stores


At Thrift World, we do donation pick ups free of charge. All of our donation pickups also benefit community nonprofits and charities in Omaha, Council Bluffs and the Kansas City metro area. Visit our website to schedule your donation pickup. 

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